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Assistant Chef Concierge
19 days ago
Posted date
19 days ago
SeniorMinimum level
TourismJob category
  • Offer a warm, sincere and personalized welcome to all guests
  • Have an in depth knowledge or access to information regarding directions, travel time, cost and various forms of transportation
  • Be updated on events around town and major events aboard such as concerts, public holidays, shows, trade shows, trade relation offices, diplomat office and shopping information.
  • Maintain a constantly updated database with extensive information about city highlights
  • Arrange tickets for theatre, sporting events and local attractions
  • Make and confirm all transportation arrangements with contracted limousine company. Preference are given to in house limousine vehicles first over contracted limousine company.
  • Updated with dining options and confirming dining reservations
  • Provide guests with a confirmation of dining reservations, transportation, theatre tickets, etc. in the form of written, printed, or computer-generated forms
  • Communicate information effectively to Chef Concierge
  • Train, coach and support the Concierge colleagues
  • Produce a monthly training plan for department and submission of training hours
  • Ensure smooth workflow of driveway and lobby are maintained
  • Guiding the Concierge team in accordance to hotel standards, appraising their performances, and handling disciplinary actions.
  • Managing the process of message, luggage and parcel deliveries in the daily operations ensuring no loss or mismanagement of such items.
  • Must have full knowledge of all emergencies procedures.
  • Must have full knowledge of the Hotel's policies and procedures.
  • To work closely with the other sections of Rooms Division.
  • To report guest's complaints and anything amiss to the Chef Concierge.
  • Perform all other duties assigned by the Chef Concierge or Department Head
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Assistant Chef Concierge
19 days ago