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Senior Research Fellow (Computer Science & Engineering/Electronic Engineering/Applied Mathematics/Perception Sciences)
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
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The School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) invites applications for the position of Senior Research Fellow. The Senior Research Fellow will be responsible for performing intelligent visual signal processing/compression/computing.

The Senior Research Fellow will also assist in the submission of comprehensive reports/IDs/Demos/papers summarizing/justifying the pioneer and innovative research performed

Key Responsibilities:
  • To perform the pioneer research in exploring visual signal representation towards machine uses.
  • To perform systematic investigation into the characteristics of visual signal representation for machine uses, to meet the emerging requirements for AI.
  • To devise a new scheme for visual signal representation with deep-learnt visual features, toward machine uses.
  • To investigate feature-level just-noticeable difference modelling for machines to facilitate assessment and optimization.
  • To formulate a comprehensive visual feature codec for machine uses.
  • To set up and analyze experiments and datasets under different conditions.
  • To propose a methodology/framework in a software prototype to be developed in the project.
  • To report research findings in a form of reports/papers and present in international peer-reviewed conferences and journals.
  • To be involved in the mentoring of PhD/Masters/FYP students.

Job Requirements:
  • Possess a PhD degree in Computer Science (And Engineering), Electronic Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Perception Sciences, Etc.
  • Have good technical reading, writing and programming skills.
  • Have good experience and track record for related R&D.
  • High desire for technological exploration and achievement.
  • Background knowledge in signal representation/processing, visual data compression, and data-driven and machine learning/analysis.
  • Prior research experience and track record in R&D and standardization.
  • Prior experience in state-of-the-art AI techniques.
  • Mastering of a programming language would be valued (e.g. Python, C, Matlab, ...)
  • Self-driven, highly motivated, with interest to work with other researchers and scientists (as a team player) to produce high-quality research

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Senior Research Fellow (Computer Science & Engineering/Electronic Engineering/Applied Mathematics/Perception Sciences)
3 months ago