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Senior Research Fellow, Biomedical Field [LKCMedicine]
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The Ramadan Group-Singapore is a new research group located at LKCMedicine/NTU. Led by Prof Kristijan Ramadan, who has previously led a well-established research group at the University of Oxford, UK (The Ramadan Group-Oxford).

The Ramadan Group-Singapore is actively seeking an enthusiastic, hardworking, motivated, creative, and highly competent senior research scientist. This individual will play a key role in helping Prof Ramadan establish his new laboratory at LKCMedicine/NTU. The focus of the Ramadan Group-Singapore is on discovering new druggable targets and biomarkers in the fields of genome stability and the ubiquitin system, based on novel technologies-driven basic science discoveries. Ultimately, the group aims to translate its own basic discoveries into the development of inhibitors and biomarkers for cancer therapy and early diagnosis, respectively.

The selected candidate will serve as an operational manager and senior staff scientist in the Ramadan Laboratory-Singapore. Their role will involve supporting and coordinating research activities, from basic experimentation to publication and grant writing. Reporting directly to Prof Ramadan, the candidate will be responsible for the smooth operation of the laboratory and the successful delivery of agreed-upon aims.

Key Responsibilities:
  • To establish the functional basic science laboratory and assist in knowledge and reagents transfer from the Ramadan Laboratory-Oxford to the Ramadan Laboratory-Singapore
  • Organize laboratory data and reagents storage and support research activities of students and other post-doctoral fellows
  • Perform key research experiments important for the entire group and run their own research project
  • Support Prof Ramadan in group management, research data collection, grant and manuscript writing and teaching

Key Competencies:
  • Knowledge of basic biomedical laboratory techniques, especially in the field of genome stability and immune response (e.g., cell culture, gene cloning, protein chemistry, microscopy).
  • Experience: Minimum 3 years of post-doctoral working experience in wet laboratory research. At least one first-author publication related to genome stability and/or cancer field in a reputable international scientific journal, in addition to several other original scientific publications in the field.
  • Skills: Cell culture, molecular cloning, gene editing (CRISPR/Cas9), basic biochemical and cell biological techniques (e.g., protein purification, Western blotting, immunofluorescent microscopy), willingness to learn new technologies.
  • Competence: highly skilled in various basic wet laboratory techniques and capable of successfully delivering research goals in the highly competitive academic environment
  • Essential Qualifications: PhD in biomedical research.

Hiring Institution: LKC
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Senior Research Fellow, Biomedical Field [LKCMedicine]
a month ago