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Research Fellow, Biomedical Field [LKCMedicine]
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The Ramadan Group-Singapore is a newly established research group located at LKCMedicine/NTU. Led by Prof Kristijan Ramadan, who has previously headed a well-established research group in genome stability and cancer research at the University of Oxford, UK (The Ramadan Group-Oxford).

The Ramadan Group-Singapore is actively seeking an enthusiastic, hardworking, motivated, creative, and highly competent research fellow (post-doc) interested in addressing key biological questions in DNA-protein crosslink proteolysis repair. The Ramadan lab has recently discovered DNA-protein crosslink proteolysis repair as a specialised DNA repair pathway for the repair of covalently attached proteins to DNA, known as DNA-protein crosslinks. In collaboration with human geneticists, the laboratory has also identified Ruijs-Aalfs Syndrome, the first human disease associated with biallelic and monogenic mutations in the SPRTN gene/protein, the key enzyme in DNA-protein crosslink proteolysis repair. This novel DNA repair pathway has emerged as an essential mechanism for the protection against accelerated aging and liver cancer, and the upregulation of this repair mechanism is likely linked to cancer patient resistance to various chemotherapies.

The post holder will be responsible for the following:
  • Perform a CRISPR/Cas9 screen in several mammalian cell lines.
  • Validate the identified hits for their role in DNA repair.
  • Execute follow-up experiments to generate a sufficient amount of results for a scientific publication.
  • Manage own academic research and administrative activities. This involves small-scale project management to coordinate multiple aspects of work to meet deadlines.
  • Adapt existing and develop new scientific techniques (specifically CRISPR/Cas9 screen, cell survival, laser micro-irradiation, and DNA combing) and write detailed experimental protocols.
  • Test hypotheses and analyse scientific data from various sources, reviewing and refining working hypotheses as appropriate.
  • Contribute ideas for new research projects related to DNA-protein crosslink (DPC) repair and genome stability.
  • Develop ideas for generating research income and present detailed research proposals to senior researchers.
  • Collaborate in the preparation of scientific reports and journal articles and occasionally present papers and posters.
  • Use specialist scientific equipment (e.g., DNA combing, Live Cell Imaging and Analysis) in a laboratory environment.
  • Act as a source of information and advice to other members of the group on scientific protocols and experimental techniques.
  • Represent the research group at external meetings/seminars, either with other members of the group or alone.
  • Carry out collaborative projects with colleagues in partner institutions and research groups.
  • Provide guidance to less experienced members of the research group, including postdocs, research assistants, technicians, and PhD and project students.
  • Assist the Principal Investigator (PI/Prof Ramadan) in further grant writing and submission.
  • Assist in managing daily lab duties.
  • Securely store and manage obtained scientific data.

Key Competencies:

  • Knowledge of basic biomedical laboratory techniques, especially in the field of genome stability, ubiquitin system and gene editing
  • Experience: At least one first-author publication related to genome stability and/or cancer field in a reputable international scientific journal, in addition to several other original scientific publications in the field.
  • Skills: Cell culture, molecular cloning, gene editing (CRISPR/Cas9), basic biochemical and cell biological techniques (e.g., protein purification, Western blotting, immunofluorescent microscopy), willingness to learn new technologies.
  • Competence: highly skilled in various basic wet laboratory tehniques and capable of successfully delivering research goals in the highly competitive academic enviroment
  • Essential Qualifications: PhD in biomedical research or near completion

Hiring Institution: LKC
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Research Fellow, Biomedical Field [LKCMedicine]
7 days ago