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Research Assistant (Forest & Urban Ecology)
19 days ago
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Asian School of the Environment (ASE) is hiring a research assistant to assist in field and laboratory data collection in a new, Nparks-funded project entitled: "Comparison of litterfall nutrient cycling between forests and urban green spaces in Singapore".

The research assistant will work closely with three other team members to collect a wide variety of data for this project. This data includes data from plants (trees in forests and parks), invertebrates (small, soil- and litter-dwelling species), and microbes (soil and litter bacteria and fungi).

Key Responsibilities:
  • Conduct field work to natural forests and urban parks to collect leaf litter, soil and invertebrate samples
  • Conduct lab work to process and analyze nutrient contents in leaf litter and soil samples
  • Conduct lab work to sort and sequence invertebrate samples
  • Assist in procuring project logistics and other project administrative duties
  • Train students and ensure the safe conduct of student research projects

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree in biology, zoology, ecology, environmental science, or equivalent
  • Able to do regular (up to thrice weekly) fieldwork
  • Good team player
  • Good attitude towards learning the many skills and techniques necessary to execute this project
  • Prior experience with chemical analyses (CHNS, ICP-OES), entomological work and GIS is advantageous, but not a requirement for application
  • Keen interest in nature/entomology/botany

We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Research Assistant (Forest & Urban Ecology)
19 days ago