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Research Fellow (Carbon Capture)
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We are currently recruiting a Research Fellow who will join the laboratory of Professor Simon Redfern at the Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), to perform in situ and operando analysis of the ash-derived sorbents and develop multi-scale reaction model to describe sorbent behaviour during carbon capture cycles.

The candidate will be expected to further increase the efficiency of the capture process by improving the sorbent formulation. Doing so requires an in-depth understanding of the sorbent behaviour over CO2 uptake-regeneration cycles under a variety of operating conditions, including those closely mimicking the flue gas compositions from WtE plants and CCGT power plants.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Procure and commission an operando XRD system (EQP01)
  • Connect and operando XRD system with existing lab infrastructure
  • Competitively secure beamtimes to perform in situ and operando synchrotron experiments at high-end synchrotron facilities (e.g. Australia, UK or US)
  • Design and fabrication of in situ and operando cells for performing in situ and operando synchrotron experiments
  • Perform in situ and operando synchrotron experiments at international synchrotron research facilities
  • Carry out ex situ studies of sorbent materials at NTU
  • Carry out kinetics measurements of CO2 capture and sorbent regeneration
  • Develop and validate multiscale reaction models describing the behaviour of sorbent materials under a variety of operating conditions (e.g. different flue gas compositions to simulate CO2 emissions from different industrial facilities)

Job Requirements:
  • PhD degree in materials science, materials chemistry or chemical engineering
  • Evidence of published output in relevant scientific literature
  • Basic understanding of the scientific principles behind the research activities
  • Attention to detail and procedures
  • Effective communication and report writing skills
  • Willingness to learn and develop new skills

We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Research Fellow (Carbon Capture)
13 days ago