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Manager, Programme Performance (Temporary Contract)
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The Programme Performance Manager serves as the intelligence hub of our center, playing a pivotal role in optimizing professional, enterprise, and lifelong learning programmes at NTU PaCE. This position is wholly dedicated to the acquisition and effective utilization of insights garnered from both external and internal data sources. These insights drive critical functions such as market segmentation, the creation of a diverse programme portfolio, and the evaluation of programme feasibility. Furthermore, the Programme Performance Manager actively contributes to shaping our sales strategy and diligently monitors programme performance to ensure excellence.

In addition to these responsibilities, the manager is tasked with securing a significant market share through comprehensive market research. They transform these insights into compelling sales pitches and craft tailored programme and marketing materials catering to diverse learner objectives, industries, and strategic partnerships. The manager also takes the lead in developing and implementing rigorous business performance metrics to continually assess programme performance and sales achievements against established targets.

A fundamental aspect of this role is the ongoing monitoring of sales performance, coupled with the ability to recommend effective interventions and pivot strategies when necessary. This includes providing sales forecasts and spearheading the strategic planning processes, with the ultimate aim of not just meeting but surpassing organizational targets while solidifying our position as a market leader.


  • Actively gather and leverage market intelligence to inform precise market segmentation and craft a well-rounded programme portfolio and courses that deliver optimal value to both learners and employers.
  • Establish a strong market presence and secure a significant market share through thorough market research and strategic intelligence utilization.
  • Effectively translate gathered intelligence into compelling sales pitches and create tailored programme and marketing materials that cater to the diverse objectives of learners, industries, and strategic partnerships.
  • Develop and implement robust business performance metrics to continuously evaluate program performance and measure sales success against predetermined targets.
  • Consistently monitor and report sales performance, identify areas for improvement, and recommend proactive interventions and agile pivot strategies as required.
  • Provide accurate and insightful sales forecasts and lead the strategic planning processes to not only meet but surpass organizational targets, thereby establishing a commanding market position.

  • Masters' in business, marketing with research and statistic background.
  • Experience in market analysis, facilitating forecast planning, product portfolio planning, sales and product performance reporting will be highly valued.
  • Exceptional research and data analysis skills and management report writing skills.
  • Familiarity with Learning and Development (L&D) practices, including experience in program design, is advantageous.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills with an aptitude for persuasive presentations.
  • Proven ability to collaborate effectively across departments and functions.
  • Proficiency in relevant technical tools and software such as CRM platforms, data analysis tools, and data modelling techniques.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Manager, Programme Performance (Temporary Contract)
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