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Research Associate (Cellular Agriculture)
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The Translational Materials Innovation group, led by Professor Nam-Joon Cho, has world-leading expertise in multiple research areas, such as antimicrobial strategies, lipid membrane platforms, membrane-active compounds, antibacterial and antiviral applications, plant-based bio-material applications, etc.

The peptide and protein chemistry Group, led by Professor Assaf Friedler, has world-leading expertise in multiple research areas, such as protein-protein interactions, peptide chemistry, protein biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and drug design, intrinsically disordered proteins and especially peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interactions . We are looking to hire a Research Associate. The candidate should identify target PPI in the bacterial contaminants, design peptides derived from these PPI, express and purify the target proteins, test the ability of the peptides to inhibit the protein interactions and activity as well as bacterial growth, and develop improved inhibitors. The candidate should also support the application of the selected peptides for biosensing of the target bacteria, led by the other partners in the consortium. The candidate will work under the supervision of the Principal Investigator, who will be most of the time via remote supervision, to conduct research work as follows:

Key Responsibilities:
  • Identify target PPI and design peptide mitigants
  • Conduct experiments related to peptide synthesis, characterization and activity
  • Express and purify the target proteins
  • Assist in interpreting and applying processes and procedures to conduct/monitor project progress
  • Gather information/ data and prepare documents for reporting/ papers and actively participate in writing them
  • Assist in and deliver training and coaching for new members with relevant laboratory/ technical skills
  • Report remotely to the PI and travel to Israel for training if needed

Job Requirements:
  • Master's degree in Chemistry/ Biochemistry
  • Strong experimental skills in peptide design and synthesis, protein expression and purification and binding and activity studies
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Independence, creativity and original thinking
  • Gathering information/ data and preparing documents for reporting/ papers as well as actively participating in writing these documents
  • Willing to contribute to team services like sharing/ coaching new members with relevant laboratory/ technical skills

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Research Associate (Cellular Agriculture)
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