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Lead Counsellor
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  • Provision of clinical supervision to counsellors
  • Lead and manage various counselling related portfolios to strengthen and promote the counselling, case management and critical incident management services of UCC
  • Provision of professional counselling, case management and consultation

- Provide professional counselling to 33,000 NTU undergraduate and graduate students, which also involves family, peer, or couple counselling besides individual counselling to students, where relevant.

- Provide consultation to students, staff, family members, etc. on concerns they have regarding a student.

- Provide case management to counselling clients including at-risk student cases.
  • Provision of psychological critical incident management

- Provide consultation and psychological critical incident management to suicidal or severely distressed students and staff, and where needed, in getting immediate treatment for such students/staff through working closely with various stakeholders like Student Care, Assistant Chairs and Pastoral Care Managers of Schools, Faculty-in-Residence, Campus Security, NIE Wellness Centre, etc.
  • Community approach to counselling case management

- Work collaboratively with schools, student service offices, Halls of Residence, psychiatrists, and other relevant stakeholders to facilitate a campus community approach towards managing counselling cases on campus.
  • Strategic support in UCC/UWO

- Provide strategic support to Head, UCC in overall provision of UCC services.

- Submit statistical data and/or related reports to Head, UCC as and when required.

- Implement/organize and/or participate in initiatives and programmes under UCC and/or University Wellbeing Office (UWO), as assigned by Head, UCC and Director, UWO.

  • Graduate qualification in counselling, counselling psychology or clinical psychology.
  • Preferably a registered counsellor with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) or a registered psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS).
  • More than 9 years of professional counselling experience.
  • About 4 years of experience in clinical supervision or being a certified clinical supervisor.
  • Experience with young adults preferred.
  • Experience in psychological critical incident management is preferred.
  • Experience in planning and managing mental health-related programmes will be advantageous.
  • Possess professional values that are in line with the Code of Ethics of SAC or SPS.
  • Proficient in professional counselling approaches and tools to help clients with diverse issues and conditions, including case conceptualisation and assessment.
  • Competent in case management and critical incident management.
  • Leadership and organizational skills, including in leading by example and garnering consensus.
  • Personal initiative and team spirit in the effective implementation of policies, protocols and plans.
  • Proficient with Microsoft 365 and technological tools and information systems relevant in a university setting.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Lead Counsellor
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