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Research Assistant [LKCMedicine]
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The Hwei-Ee Tan lab studies the biological basis of "gut-feelings", how bacteria in the gut signals to the host to influence physiology and behaviour. Using mice as a mammalian model, the lab investigates how diet (e.g. high-fibre food, spicy food, etc) modulates the gut microbiome and host phenotypes (e.g. hunger, anxiety behaviours, etc). His lab is also studying the brain-gut axis, to uncover host-microbe interactions in chronic stress and major depressive disorders. Being multidisciplinary in nature, the research scope covers diverse skills from molecular biology to systems neuroscience, physiology and behaviour.

The applicant must be exceptionally self-motivated, a team player, willing to assist with essential lab duties and learn new skills, and is expected to have relevant experience in one or more of these areas (e.g. neural circuits and behaviour, single cell RNA-seq, etc). A candidate with proficiency and flair in bioinformatics is particularly preferred. The Research Assistant will learn and assist with a range of work, including but not limited to molecular biology and histology procedures, rodent behavioural assays, neuroscience optogenetic and chemogenetic techniques, mice surgery, data analysis and presentation, lab maintenance and office/administrative help.

The applicant should at least:
  • Hold a Bachelor degree in Biology or relevant disciplines
  • Have a keen interest in the lab's research theme on the microbiome gut brain biology
  • Be proficient in immunohistochemistry (IHC), confocal microscopy, and related techniques
  • Be proficient in mice brain dissection, peripheral ganglia/nerve surgery and dissection e.g. DRG, transcardiac perfusion
  • Have animal (mice) handling experience, and competent in colony management and animal behavioural studies
  • Be proficient in microbiological techniques and in vitro cell culture techniques
  • Be highly motivated and conscientious
  • Work independently, and also have the ability to work effectively in a team
  • Possess strong scientific writing skills
  • Have good organisational, verbal and interpersonal skills

Hiring Institution: LKC
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Research Assistant [LKCMedicine]
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