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Senior Executive, Laboratory
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The Environment Laboratory Cluster is based in NTU's School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It consists of three laboratories:
  • Chem-Analytics Lab - Key Teaching and Research Laboratory
  • M-Lab - Key Teaching and Research Laboratory
  • Environ Engineering Lab - Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory

These laboratories are used for both teaching and research in environmental science and engineering. It is an excellent location for education, research, and innovation. Each laboratory is distinctive in its own way and has a variety of cutting-edge analytical instruments that are widely used for research and industry services.

The incumbent will assist the Lab Technical-In-Charge in laboratory operations, safety, undergraduate laboratory sessions, research projects, and IT assistance. He or she will ensure compliance with health and safety laws and maximise and promote research staff and student safety. He or she will also oversee the budget, timeline, and laboratory safety of new research projects.

In addition to overseeing laboratory operations, undergraduate laboratory sessions, and administrative aspects, the incumbent is responsible for ensuring their seamless functioning. Finally, beyond the scope of the job, he or she will be responsible for managing the laboratory's information technology-related aspects to ensure that it is at the forefront of technological innovation.

  • Provide contact and non-contact teaching support in the Undergraduate Laboratory Sessions and Final Year Projects for the School
  • Procurement of equipment, licensing or maintenance contracts, etc.
  • Ensure the implementation and compliance of the laboratory's Workplace Safety and Health policies and regulations.
  • Provide full technical and administrative support in the laboratory's daily operations.

  • Bachelor's degree in Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Environmental Engineering.
  • A minimum of two years of direct work experience in a laboratory environment.
  • Extensive technical knowledge and hands-on experience with scientific instruments such as the Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Gas Pycnometer, UV Visible Spectrometer (Liquid / Solid), and High Performance Liquid Chromatograph System.
  • Thorough knowledge of chemical usage and handling, as well as chemical, biological, and solid waste disposal.
  • Meticulous and systematic in managing laboratory daily operations (including chemical inventory, equipment maintenance, budgeting, and chemical and radiation licences).
  • Must have prior hands-on experience in managing lab operations involving equipment operations and maintenance, procurement, safety and asset management.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Knowledge of workplace safety.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Senior Executive, Laboratory
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