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Head, University Counselling Centre
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This role in University Wellbeing Office (UWO) provides leadership in the provision of professional counselling services and psychological services in NTU to support and promote the psychological wellbeing of the OneNTU community (comprising about 33,000 students and over 7,500 employees). It leads a team of professional counsellors and psychologists and ensures that the wellbeing needs of NTU and service users are effectively met. Through the campus community approach, the role also synergizes and manages the all-round care and support efforts in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

As a key leader in the University Wellbeing Office (UWO), this role provides strategic support and professional inputs that contribute towards NTU's overall wellbeing vision, strategy and agenda.

  • Lead and manage the University Counselling Centre (UCC) in its provision of professional counselling and psychological services to ensure the wellbeing needs of NTU's community are effectively met.
  • Strategise and synergise UCC services with the overall university wellbeing vision, strategy and agenda.
  • Manage the administration and daily operations of UCC to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Develop and review policies, procedures, processes and guidelines to ensure UCC's optimal functioning.
  • Manage all centre data effectively and provide management reports required internal or externally such as from MOE.
  • Provide clinical supervision, guidance and development to the UCC professional team to continuously enhance the centre's competencies and quality of service.
  • Ensure UCC is at the forefront of clinical services and practices as well as centre management, such as through conceptualization of new services/programmes and/or through engagement/collaborations with internal/external stakeholders/partners or other IHLs.
  • Provide consultations to internal and external stakeholders to facilitate case management.
  • Support the development and implementation of wellbeing strategies at NTU and the University Wellbeing Office.

  • Graduate qualification in counselling, counselling psychology or clinical psychology.
  • Registered counsellor with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) or a Registered psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS).
  • More than 18 years of professional counselling experience.
  • More than 14 years of experience in clinical supervision and a registered clinical supervisor.
  • More than 10 years of experience in managing a counselling-related centre or in managing a counselling related programme/service.
  • Experience in education setting as well as working with youths highly advantageous.
  • Proven leadership with good coaching skills and demonstrated ability to lead a team to achieve desired results.
  • Strong centre operational and administration abilities, detailed in process analysis and analysing situations to solve or pre-empt problems.
  • Excellent team player with proven communication and interpersonal skills across organizational hierarchy.
  • Passionate in nurturing and developing team members.
  • Has experience in psychological critical incident management and intervention.
  • Has experience in working with SEN youths.
  • Possess professional values that are in line with the Code of Ethics of SAC or SPS.
  • Proficient in professional counselling approaches and tools to help clients with diverse issues and conditions, including case conceptualisation and assessment.
  • Competent in case management and critical incident management.
  • Personal motivation, initiative and team spirit in the effective implementation of policies, protocols and plans.
  • Proficient with data management and management reporting.
  • Proficient with Microsoft 365 and technological tools and information systems relevant in a university setting.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Head, University Counselling Centre
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