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R&D cum Production
12 days ago
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12 days ago
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Our client is an international meat supplier, who breeds and supplies their own brand cattle. They specialize in the wholesale distribution of premium-quality meats sourced from around the globe, with a primary focus on North America and Japan. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond their own restaurants, as they also serve as the trusted meat wholesaler for numerous F&B partners across the industry.

Job Description
- Research, develop, and implement new and improved meat cutting techniques to optimize product quality, yield, and efficiency.
- Collaborate with the R&D team to conceptualize and experiment with new meat products and processing methods that align with market trends and consumer preferences.
- Ensure strict adherence to quality standards and specifications throughout the production process.
- Monitor and analyze product quality and consistency, making adjustments as necessary.
- Identify opportunities to improve production efficiency while maintaining high product quality
- Continuously assess and refine production processes to minimize waste, reduce downtime, and enhance overall productivity.
- Work closely with production teams to train and mentor staff in the application of new cutting techniques and production methods.
- Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations in meat processing

Job Requirements
- At least 1 year of working experience in meat processing or production (E.g. butchery, meat factory)
- Willing to work in cold environment
- Possess comprehensive knowledge of meat and meat processing
- Comfortable to handle meat and pork
- Passion for exploring new meat processing methods
- Ability to work in a fast-paced production environment
- Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail
- Effective communication and teamwork abilities

- Working location: Buroh Lane
- Working hours: Mon to Fri (8am - 5pm), Sat (8am - 12pm)
- Fixed transport allowance
- Annual leave 14 days (increase one day annually, maximum 18 days)
- OT pays
- Opportunities of development (local & oversea)
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R&D cum Production
12 days ago
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