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Project Officer (Digital Twins and Web Platforms)
18 days ago
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The Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N) invites applications for the position of Project Officer.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Strategize, design, and maintain a sophisticated digital twin dashboard and web platform, leveraging HTML, CSS, React.js, Node.js, appropriate database technology, considerations for data center operations, and integration of 3D dashboard elements for an immersive user experience.
  • Utilize Figma for meticulous design and prototyping, ensuring seamless translation of designs into HTML/CSS for frontend implementation, including 3D elements where applicable.
  • Implement robust frontend solutions using HTML, CSS, and React.js, focusing on responsiveness, accessibility, and visual appeal, while integrating 3D elements for enhanced visualization.
  • Engineer scalable and efficient backend systems using Node.js, integrating with the selected database technology and considering data center infrastructure, supporting the 3D dashboard features seamlessly.
  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to align design concepts with technical feasibility, database structures, data center specifications, and user requirements, ensuring seamless integration of 3D elements.
  • Iteratively enhance and refine the platform based on user feedback, industry trends, and performance analytics, focusing on the optimization of 3D elements within the dashboard.
  • Ability to hands-on experience with smart energy systems including energy saving & optimization for buildings, and factories to achieve EUI/PUE/CUE
  • Proficiency in data modeling, for both structured and unstructured data, for various layers of storage
  • Ability to collaborate closely with business analysts, architects, and client stakeholders to create technical specifications.
  • Expertise in building the CI / CD Pipeline & automatic deployment of jobs
  • Advance our Metaverse-driven Bigdata fusion platform development efforts by working closely with other Bigdata Data, Analytics, and Automation professionals and Advanced AI experts to understand complex business problems and co-create digital solutions driven by data science models.
  • Able to see AI and ML algorithms and solutions get scaled and deployed while learning from your mistakes.
  • Identify better data science approaches and methods to innovate across the Smartgrids, and Smartfactroies through team challenges, to collaborations with external industry disruptors.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related fields
  • Minimum of 2 to 3 year of hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, React.js, Node.js, database technologies, considerations for data center operations, and development/integration of 3D dashboard elements, demonstrating successful project outcomes
  • Extensive hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, React.js, Node.js, database technologies, considerations for data center operations, and development/integration of 3D dashboard elements, demonstrating successful project outcomes
  • Proficiency in Figma for designing and prototyping user interfaces, including 3D visualization elements where required
  • Strong understanding of frontend-backend integration techniques, database interactions, and considerations related to data center infrastructure and 3D rendering
  • Experience in selecting and implementing appropriate databases based on project requirements and specifications for 3D dashboard features
  • Proven ability to work within agile methodologies and version control systems
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills with a keen attention to detail
  • Effective communication and collaboration abilities within multidisciplinary teams
  • Must have a solid understanding of Machine Learning concepts and Statistical Algorithms
  • An Experience in building FFT models shall be a great advantage
  • Must have experience in developing ML models like Auto-encoders, Random Forest, SVM etc
  • Must have a good hands-on experience on Python Programming, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, Keras and other AI Libraries
  • Must have a hands-on experience on OpenCV, TensorFlow, Kuda, CNN models
  • Must have experience in deploying AI Models to Production
  • Experience in understanding business needs and translating to a data-science problem
  • Passion for cutting edge Artificial Intelligence/machine learning technologies
  • Knowledge of Cluster Analysis, Classification Trees, Discriminate Analysis, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Logistic Regression, Associations Analysis and SNA
  • Experience of Regression, Multi-criteria Decision Making, Markov Process, Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Segmentation/ Classification, Predictive Analytics
  • Passion for R&D and technical excellence, self-motivated, strong problem analysis and solving skills
  • Effective verbal and written communication and a spirit of collaboration in a rapidly growing team

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Project Officer (Digital Twins and Web Platforms)
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