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Lead/ Senior/ Data Management Analyst (Retirement & Health Study Office)
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What the role is
As a member of Team Central Provident Fund (CPF), you will play a crucial role in helping over 4 million members save for their retirement, healthcare, and housing needs as well as helping them cope with life’s uncertainties. With a fulfilling career, career growth, and development opportunities, you will be part of a big family of dedicated professionals. Join us and champion financial security for Singaporeans while leaving a lasting legacy.
What you will be working on
We are seeking a Data Management Analyst to join the Retirement & Health Study Office (RHSO). The RHSO oversees the Retirement & Health Study, a longitudinal survey involving over 20,000 individuals in Singapore, aimed at understanding how retirement and healthcare demands evolve with age. Over the past decade, the study has tracked the retirement, health, and various outcomes of this cohort, with the data being widely utilized by government agencies and academia for policy decisions. If you are enthusiastic about managing high-quality longitudinal data related to aging, and possess experience in data management and modelling, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Your broad area of responsibilities include

• Undertake a broad range of data quality assurance activities to ensure that the data is error-free, complete, and unbiased.
• Conduct comprehensive data quality assurance activities to ensure accuracy, completeness, and integrity of datasets.
• Implement and enforce quality control measures throughout the data lifecycle
• Oversee the organisation, storage, and retrieval of datasets.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to establish and maintain efficient data management processes.
• Work on data science projects to enhance the data quality, or execution of the study.
• Collaborate closely with external entities, including survey companies, academic institutions, and government agencies, to coordinate and execute the study's planning.
• Facilitate seamless data sharing processes as part of the collaborative efforts.
• Maintain detailed documentation of data quality processes, methodologies, and project-related activities.
• Create and update documentation to ensure transparency and replicability of processes.
• Identify areas for improvement in data quality and management processes.
• Propose and implement enhancements to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.
What we are looking for
• Relevant experience in data management and quality control.
• Prior experience in statistical data management would be preferred.
• Proficiency in statistical analysis tools and data visualisation platforms.
• Ability to apply relevant statistical and analytical tools as well as techniques for data processing and compilation.
• Good proficiency in programming such as STATA, Python, R.
• Good experience in coordinating and executing study planning activities with external partners.
• Strong communication and collaboration skills to work closely with external entities, including survey companies, academic institutions, and government agencies.

Seniority of appointment will commensurate with relevant work experience

What you can expect
• A challenging and rewarding career
• A variety of formal and informal training to enhance your skills in the evolving technology landscape
• Promotion opportunities based on your capability and on-the-job performance
• A friendly work environment with like-minded colleagues to co-create and collaborate together
• A hybrid work model allowing remote work for up to 50% of the time, contingent upon the exigencies of service
• A productive yet growth-oriented workplace with a flexible dress code empowering you to decide your appropriate outfit for the day
• A comprehensive rewards package
• Annual leave and pro-family leave
• Medical and dental benefits
• Access to recreational activities
• Position is on a 1-year full-time contract directly under the payroll of CPF Board with an option to renew, contingent upon confirmation and subject to organisational needs. Additionally, there is potential for emplacement into a permanent position
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Lead/ Senior/ Data Management Analyst (Retirement & Health Study Office)
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