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Data Platform Engineer
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What the role is
As a member of Team Central Provident Fund (CPF), you will play a crucial role in helping over 4 million members save for their retirement, healthcare, and housing needs as well as helping them cope with life’s uncertainties. With a fulfilling career, career growth, and development opportunities, you will be part of a big family of dedicated professionals. Join us and champion financial security for Singaporeans while leaving a lasting legacy.
What you will be working on
• Develop, test and maintain CPF Board’s data analytics platform, encompassing the data infrastructure, data ingestion pipelines, data storage and data processing utilizing Azure Government Commercial Cloud.
• Design, build, deploy, maintain and monitor end-to-end data projects which includes pipelines for batch and stream processing that can adequately handle the needs of a rapidly growing data-driven organisation.
• Establish procedures for continuous integration and management of big data database, and develop scripts to streamline operations such as infrastructure-as-code and task automation.
• Responsible for building of scalable and reliable Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes for the ingestion and integration of large, structured and unstructured data from a variety of data sources. This includes systems that are on-premise and cloud platforms.
• Implement and execute data security and data quality measurements to ensure compliance to data security and data governance policies.
What we are looking for
• At least 6 years of relevant working experience as a Data Engineer leveraging on Commercial Cloud tools.
• Proficient in developing, testing, and maintaining data analytics platforms, with a focus on data infrastructure, ingestion pipelines, storage, and processing.
• Hands-on experience in big data ecosystems, understanding Hadoop and Spark architecture, and developing data-intensive applications and pipelines..
• Proficient in the installation, configuration, and support of Linux and Microsoft Windows Servers including setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, IIS, Apache, and Tomcat application servers.
• Proficient in programming languages like Python, Java, or Scala, with the ability to develop and maintain data processing applications.
• Good understanding or exposure to scripts and tools in the DevOps domain, including container services like Docker and Kubernetes
• Familiarity or exposure to the development, maintenance, and monitoring of APIs is highly desirable.

The successful candidate will hold the corporate title of Consultant/ Senior Consultant/ Lead Consultant, with seniority based on individual work experiences.

What you can expect
• A challenging and rewarding career
• A variety of formal and informal training to enhance your skills in the evolving technology landscape
• Promotion opportunities based on your capability and on-the-job performance
• A friendly work environment with like-minded colleagues to co-create and collaborate together
• A hybrid work model allowing remote work for up to 50% of the time, contingent upon the exigencies of service
• A productive yet growth-oriented workplace with a flexible dress code empowering you to decide your appropriate outfit for the day
• A comprehensive rewards package
• Annual leave and pro-family leave
• Medical and dental benefits
• Access to recreational activities
• Position is on a 2-year full-time contract directly under the payroll of CPF Board with an option to renew, contingent upon confirmation and subject to organisational needs. Additionally, there is potential for emplacement into a permanent position

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