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Lead/ Senior Network Security Engineer
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What the role is
As a member of Team Central Provident Fund (CPF), you will play a crucial role in helping over 4 million members save for their retirement, healthcare, and housing needs as well as helping them cope with life’s uncertainties. With a fulfilling career, career growth, and development opportunities, you will be part of a big family of dedicated professionals. Join us and champion financial security for Singaporeans while leaving a lasting legacy.
What you will be working on
You will be involved to design, implement, maintain, and support the Board’s data and network from unauthorized access, cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities. The broad area of your responsibilities include:

• Design, configure, and implement network security solutions including but not limited to firewall, intrusion detection and prevention systems, virtual private network (VPNs), etc.
• Conduct regular security assessment and vulnerability scans to identify potential weaknesses in the network infrastructure. Evaluate and remediate vulnerabilities.
• Threat intelligence.
• Implement monitoring systems to detect and respond to security breaches, unauthorized activities and anomalous behaviour in the network
• Manage network access controls, authentication mechanisms, and authorisation
• Implement encryption protocols and mechanisms to secure data transmission and storage
• Develop and enforce network security policies and procedures to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations
• Provide technical support and troubleshooting to resolve issues
• Implement security tools, policies, and procedures to ensure security and resiliency of the network platform
What we are looking for
• Minimally 6 years of relevant work experience in network security administration, implementation, and monitoring
• Familiarity in one or more of the following
 Expertise across a variety of security products including firewalls, URL filtering, intrusion detection, information security and virus protection.
 Expertise across of network routing and switching, proxy and DNS.
 Good understanding in telecommunications infrastructure and equipment
 Good understanding of application security
 Knowledge in software-defined networking, ZTNA.
• Ability to respond to emergency situations on 24x7 basis where required
• An enthusiasm for staying up to date with the very latest updates about security threats and solutions.
• Outstanding communication skills that go beyond “tech talk” – the ability to translate complex IT matters to those without an IT background.
• Strong time management and organisational skills.
• Certifications in CISSP, CCNA, CCNP and or CCDA would be advantageous

Seniority of appointment will commensurate with relevant work experience

What you can expect
• A challenging and rewarding career
• A variety of formal and informal training where you can hone your skills in the evolving technology landscape
• Promotion opportunities through your capability and on the job performance
• A friendly work environment with like-minded colleagues to co-create and collaborate together
• A hybrid work model where you can work remotely up to 50% of the time
• A productive yet growth-oriented workplace with flexible dress code where you are empowered to decide your appropriate outfit for the day
• Comprehensive rewards package
• Annual leave and pro-family leave
• Medical and dental benefits
• Access to recreational activities
• Position is on 2-year full time contract directly under the payroll of CPF Board with potential for emplacement into permanent position

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