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Technician, Animal Research Facilities [LKCMedicine]
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The animal husbandry technician will be responsible for carrying out all aspects of the husbandry requirements, from checking on the animals, changing soiled cages, stocking up supplies, and maintaining a clean facility thereby enhancing the research work of the different users.

  • Animal Husbandry - Daily animal checks, change soiled cages, diet and water topping up, referring sick animals to the vets. Transfer soiled cages for washing, unloading sterilized cages and distributing them to the respective rooms.
  • Upkeep of the facility - Cleaning and mopping the floors, receiving diets, beddings and other consumables. Moving and transporting supplies, receiving or helping in handling animal shipments. Managing clean and soiled scrubs and gowns.
  • Communication - To communicate clearly with fellow workers about tasked responsibilities or matters that would hinder the effective running of the animal facility. To liaise with researchers regarding their needs for consumables and animal related matters.
  • Managing Procedure Rooms - Topping up supplies, cleaning and management of all types of waste, to manage the different equipment housed in the procedure rooms, and to engage servicemen to repair faulty equipment. Help out on procedural work to learn new procedures and to teach others. Teach new users who have limited experience handling animals. Carry out procedures on animals as a service.
  • Make sure that the supplies, cages, bedding or any other material entering the animal rooms are properly sterilized.
  • Ensuring that all animals are looked after on a daily basis and informing vets about sick animals.
  • Informing researchers about dead animals.
  • Ensuring that diet, and bedding are always available and informing the Facility Manager when they start to reach low levels (at least 4 to 6 months before they run out).

  • At least a Diploma in any Science discipline and an advantage if candidate has experience in working with animals.

This is a 3-year contract appointment.

Hiring Institution: LKC
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Technician, Animal Research Facilities [LKCMedicine]
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