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Temp Scientific Support Specialist / Lab Tech (Beauty Hygiene/ microbiology) #HMST
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Min Diploma 

     1.1.1. Routine laboratory testing on raw materials or finished products, media preparation 
and non-routine testing (special projects) 
a) Set up and maintain bacteria culture and mammalian cell culture based on available 
SOP/ protocols.
b) Perform various microbiology, cell-based and biochemical/ molecular biology in vitro
and ex vivo assays for various projects which may include and not limited to the 
following techniques:
i) Maintaining and culturing different microorganisms
ii) Anti-microbial assays like Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and 
Minimum Bactericidal Concentration Test (MBC), Kill Rate Test, and ex vivo
AB tests following SOPs or protocols.
iii) Nucleic acid extraction, qualification, and quantitation
iv) PCR/qPCR and gel electrophoresis
v) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
vi) Cell viability testing with spectrophotometric measurement.
vii) Extraction of biomolecules for further biological and bio-analytical testing.
c) Perform product usage tests and skin measurement/sampling based on available SOP/ 
protocols for consumer studies. 
d) Recording and submitting of complete experimental data accurately and timely via 
Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) within Nexus.
e) Formulation work – weighing of raw materials according to formula card document as 
well as using of viscometer, spectrophotometer, and pH meter.
     1.1.2. Perform routine lab housekeeping which include the following:
a) Conducting monthly BOS audits
b) Routine checks
i) Routine check on the condition of safety equipment (e.g. Eye wash)
ii) Monitoring of temperature regulated equipment (e.g. freezer) regularly
iii) Ensure routine lab housekeeping and cleanliness of equipment.
c) Laboratory inventory management (reagents and laboratory supplies) including but not 
limited to providing timely communication of purchase cycle, obtain quotes for review, 
submit quotes to admin IC of procuring items to raise POs, following-up on deliveries 
and timely submission of delivery documents.
d) Facilitating and coordinating the calibration, maintenance, and servicing of lab 
e) Proper waste management and disposal
f) Administrative duties including but not limited to updating inventory and equipment 
database and order tracking sheets
g) Manage quotation requests, Change Management and ensure timely Goods Received 
timing for consumables and services to ensure financial accuracy
h) Perform basic equipment maintenance which may include but not limited to the 
i) Equipment checks.
ii) Equipment calibration and repair coordination
iii) Maintain equipment records/ logbooks to ensure required laboratory safety and 
quality standard is maintained.

How to Apply:
send your resume to: or Telegram me @jocelynchan

Jocelyn Chan| Consultant | Recruit Express Pte Ltd (Healthcare & Lifescience)
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Personnel EA License: R1331820

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Temp Scientific Support Specialist / Lab Tech (Beauty Hygiene/ microbiology) #HMST
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