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Assistant Manager/ Manager (Category Management and Services Department 1) - Contract
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[What the role is]

You will be part of a team that is responsible for upholding proper procurement governance in NEA. You will facilitate procurement activities by departments while ensuring that government and NEA procurement policies and guidelines are applied accordingly and standards of integrity and transparency are upheld throughout the procurement value-chain.

[What you will be working on]

You will support the procurement functions in NEA by carrying out the following activities:
  • Pro-actively engage users to identify demand aggregation or other procurement levers
  • Develop category strategies through spend analysis and drive strategic sourcing with users to address their procurement needs
  • Provide procurement advice to users for all stages of procurement cycle
  • Review tender/quotation documents to ensure that they are drafted in compliance to Instruction Manual (IM) (Procurement), NEA's procurement policy and guidelines and optimise the spending for NEA
  • Review tender/quotation evaluations to ensure value for money, fairness and transparency and compliance with IM (Procurement) and NEA procurement policy and guidelines
  • Review post-award contract documents to ensure proper contract management and governance
  • Improve outreach and facilitate dialogue among procurement community and users in NEA
  • Improve the procurement processes, systems and governance framework in NEA to optimise the procurement expenditure and operational efficiency

[What we are looking for]

Job Requirements:
  • Relevant experience in procurement management and good understanding of the Government IM on Procurement will be advantageous. Fresh graduates with great passion for procurement are welcome to apply.
  • Possess an inquisitive mind on how to derive more value from each purchase
  • Good analytical, interpersonal, writing and presentation skills
  • Performance driven, result oriented with an attention to details and accuracy
  • Have a passion for procurement work and able to adapt to changes and work well under tight deadlines
  • Able to work well as team player and as an individual
  • Proficiency in IT skills (eg. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
  • You will be working in a fast-paced and highly volatile environment that would require the ability to manage multiple priorities and stakeholders at the same time

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Assistant Manager/ Manager (Category Management and Services Department 1) - Contract
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