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Assistant Director, Wellbeing Development
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Both employee and student wellbeing and support are top priorities for NTU. This role leads a team of staff in upholding a key pillar in the University Wellbeing Office (UWO) mission to enhance the wellbeing and care of all NTU staff and students. Its key job purpose is to drive proactive and preventive programmes to develop and promote wellbeing and positive mental health, enhance wellbeing support competencies within the NTU support structure, as well as grow the NTU wellbeing community.


Promote and enhance health and wellbeing of the NTU community.
  • Lead the planning, developing, and deploying of initiatives, such as talks, events, and campaigns
  • Plan, develop, produce, and distribute wellbeing resources for the NTU community.
  • Supervise the administration of wellbeing volunteer programmes in NTU.
  • Implement new care and support initiatives such as wellbeing apps and provide support to existing programmes.

Improve wellbeing competency for NTU community and NTU's wellbeing stakeholders.
  • Oversee the curation, development, and implementation of structured basic wellbeing competency and training programmes.

Develop and grow NTU's wellbeing community.
  • Implement programmes to support Wellbeing Advocates/liaisons to facilitate and enhance employee wellbeing.
  • Expand and develop support services in volunteer programmes.

Monitor and report on the pulse of NTU wellbeing to formulate and direct wellbeing resources and programmes.
  • Implement feedback channels and conduct wellbeing surveys for employees and students.
  • Supervise the compilation, analysis and reporting of relevant data on all wellbeing programmes to measure their effectiveness and impact.


Educational Qualification(s)
  • Minimally a bachelor's degree in any related field from a recognised University. Specialisation in marketing/promotion or the social science such as health, social work, psychology, etc. preferred.

Knowledge Required
  • Excellent grasp on marketing, social media engagement and outreach.
  • Good grasp of wellbeing measures.
  • Fluent with data collection, management and analysis. Knowledge of analytic methods, approaches, tools, and implementation will be advantageous.
  • Proficient with Microsoft 365 and technological tools and information systems relevant in a university setting.

Relevant Experience
  • At least 10 to 12 years of experience preferably in the health or tertiary education sector.
  • Proven track record in training/learning and development and/or wellbeing/welfare outreach.
  • Proven track record in programme implementation and events and campaign coordination.
  • Proven track record in social media marketing would be an advantage.

Skills & Competencies
  • Successful experience in planning and organising talks, training and development and programmes on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Excellent track record in developing/growing community and support.
  • Successful experience in leading teams.

Other Personal Attributes
  • A strong commitment and passion towards wellbeing and support.
  • Excellent team player with strong verbal and written communication skills.

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Assistant Director, Wellbeing Development
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