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Assistant Manager, Student Administration

1) To manage and to provide administrative support in postgraduate research programmes
  • Administrative support to scholarship, applications, admissions, reports, statistics, and research attachment.
  • To provide guidance to faculty and students whenever required for postgraduate programme document submission such as PhD and MEng.
  • Equipped with a good knowledge and understanding on administrative process, faculty and students are able to prepare the programme documents independently.
  • To liaise with ACR and OA on various administrative process.
  • Ensure that the Oral Exam and QE documents are submitted to OA without delay and on or before deadline.
  • Provide assistance to faculty and students in postgraduate programme process and flow. This helps to ensure that the documents are submitted within schedule without the delay and queries from OA and scholarship agency.

2) Adoption of technologies to improve operational efficiency
  • Implement a digitalized system to keep the information of supervisors and students. Ease of the documents retrieval whenever required and minimize human error.
  • Enhance the level of automation in various procedures related to postgraduate programmes.

3) To resolve outstanding issues
  • Problem investigation and to arrive at solutions to resolve the various issues and appeal cases.
  • To preempt the potential problems that could arise from disputes.
  • To ensure faculty follow policy and procedures of school and university.

4) To provide the documents to OA, CoE, and various departments
  • To analyse the various statistical data related to admissions and to implement an efficient approach to derive the statistics.
  • To review applications and admission to support the School in research strategic planning.

5) Supervisory and delegating
  • Oversee functions and responsibilities of support staff; Allocate tasks to appropriate staff with the right skills; Brief and monitor progress of delegated tasks.
  • Ensure that tasks are completed satisfactorily and efficiently within allocated time frame.
  • Coach new skills to the support staff to cope with the changes.
  • Continue to improve the current administrative process.

6) Reimbursement of claims
  • Liaise with finance and supervisors on the complexity of the claims.
  • Coach support staff on handling the different requirements of claims related to conferences and research attachment.

7) New faculty support
  • Assist the new faculty onboard our School in postgraduate programmes.

  • Degree in any discipline
  • Candidates who have held administrative positions in a central office within a large organisation would be preferred
  • At least 3 years of relevant working experience
  • Knowledge of contract management and financial management
  • Proficient in MS Office applications
  • Able to handle database/administrative systems
  • Good working attitude, communication and management skills
  • Ability to multi-task and work independently with staff and faculty at all levels
  • Meticulous and analytical
  • Think long-term with eye for details
  • Responsible, resourceful, self-motivated and eager to resolve issues on a timely manner
  • Be creative and improvise new ideas to improve the current administrative process
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision; shows great initiative

Hiring Institution: NTU
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Assistant Manager, Student Administration
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