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Junior Site Specialist for Beauty Hygiene Lab (6 months) - $2000 #HHLT
Job post no longer accepts applications
Job Description:
  • Routine laboratory testing on raw materials or finished products, media preparation  and non-routine testing 
  • Set up and maintain bacteria culture and mammalian cell culture based on available  SOP/ protocols. Perform various microbiology, cell-based and biochemical/ molecular biology in vitro and ex vivo assays for various projects
  • Perform product usage tests and skin measurement/sampling based on available SOP/  protocols for consumer studies.  
  • Recording and submitting of complete experimental data accurately and timely via  Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) within Nexus. 
  • Formulation work – weighing of raw materials according to formula card document as  well as using of viscometer, spectrophotometer, and pH meter.
  • Conduct monthly BOS audits
  • Routine checks
  • Laboratory inventory management 
  • Facilitating and coordinating the calibration, maintenance, and servicing of lab  equipment 
  • Proper waste management and disposal 
  • Administrative duties including but not limited to updating inventory and equipment  database and order tracking sheets 
  • Manage quotation requests, Change Management and ensure timely Goods Received  timing for consumables and services to ensure financial accuracy
  • Perform basic equipment maintenance
If interested, please email me at
Alex Goh Hock Leong
(CEI.No: R1763413 l Recruit Express Pte Ltd (Healthcare & Life Science) | 99C4599)
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Junior Site Specialist for Beauty Hygiene Lab (6 months) - $2000 #HHLT
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