Five Continents Technical & Industrial Services, Establishment| Date Posted: 12-Jul-2019
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Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description


  • Implements the ‘Well Integrity Management System’ during the lifecycle of the wells.
  • Develops monitoring and testing plans related to all wells and ensures relevant and quality up-to-date data are gathered.
  • Defines the integrity status for all wells during operational phase and develop prioritized remedial plans.
  • Provides technical support to the assets and the drilling department regarding well integrity issues.
  • Follows up the execution of remedial actions to ensure the integrity compliance of all wells.
  • Highlights casing and completion design gaps to improve well integrity status.
  • Manage and direct activities to introduce new technologies to improve well integrity performance in US Field.
  • Prepare scope of work for tenders and evaluate technical bids to procure materials and equipment and to contract technical services to support well integrity operations.
  • Support the team leader on planning the annual budget for well integrity team and manage its execution as per company’s guidelines.  
  • Organize and supervise the activities and work of subordinates to ensure that all work within the Well Integrity team is carried out in an efficient manner which is consistent with Offshore operating procedures and policies as well as the shareholders’ guidelines.

Accountability 1

  • Risks ranking all Company wells create short and long term action plan. Investigate well integrity problems, provide technical advice and follow up implementing action plan.
  • Develop and manage the implementation of necessary action plans to achieve the company’s Business and Operational Strategies for Well Integrity Management.
  • Develops and follow up implementing annuli survey plan, quality check the gathered data and recommend action plan. Develop and follow up implementing DHSV test/change plan as per OFFSHORE Standards.
  • Conducts peer review meeting for high risk wells, advice risk mitigation action plan and follow up implementation and report on quarterly basis for well risk register. Search market and provide solutions for well integrity problems.
  • Manage the development and continuous maintenance of the company’s Well Integrity Policy, Standards, Guidelines and Procedures for field operations.
  • Ensure compliance with OFFSHORE’s ‘Well Integrity Policy’ by defining team’s business goals, objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Develop, lead, and follow up the implementation of the WI plans and all associated monitoring, data acquisition, reviewing, and risk assessing and ranking activities while formulating the necessary remedial/ risk mitigation/ restoration plans of same in order to ensure that the uptime and well availability are maximized.
  • Lead efforts to map all well integrity processes in  OFFSHORE (annuli pressure monitoring and management, DHSV testing, valves testing, cavity testing and inspection, etc) and ensures that they are documented, approved and implemented by the concerned stakeholders.
  • Lead and direct Well Integrity Team members to ensure well integrity is maintained during construction, operations, maintenance and abandonment phases of the well according to well integrity standards.

Accountability 2

  • Lead the development of priority repair and maintenance plans/ schedules for key defective components to restore the integrity of affected wells, and provide technical advice and support in the trouble-shooting of WI problems during remedial works (with both rig-less and with rig).
  • Ensures that all reporting is completed and communicated in a timely manner by the team members to the concerned teams/divisions and management.
  • Manage the well integrity database system quality and update and advise for any improvement required from the well integrity central team to ensure timely and effective update and storage of all static and dynamic WI data.
  • Ensures that WIMS database is continuously updated with validated and quality checked well integrity data to support effective decision making.
  • Initiate and conduct technical studies to identify and evaluate new technologies and technical solutions that could help restore the integrity of defective components for operating wells based on cost benefit analyses.
  • Manage the introduction of new technologies and innovative solutions by conducting technical trials before contracting the service on commercial basis
  • Prepare necessary scope of work for tenders and evaluate technical bids to procure materials and equipment and to contract technical services to support well integrity operations.
  • Manage and direct well integrity projects and contracts related to well integrity operations. These duties include project justification, budget estimation, service provider’s market survey and technical qualification, Request for quotations, establishing and managing contracts and will be completed with the help of technical support section.
  • Prepare staffing requirements and succession plans for Well Integrity Team. Tasks include preparation of job descriptions and suitable candidate profile.
  • Direct the preparation and implementation of personnel development and training programs for members of the Well Integrity Team.
  • Prepare the annual budget for well integrity activities and manage its execution as per Finance Division’s guidelines.
  • Ensures that the management of change (MOC) process in well integrity management system is developed and maintained to track record of the changes in monitoring frequencies, risk management of wells, testing values for wells equipment, well service change, etc.
  • Act as the sole authority to review and verify the Well Integrity Certificate # 1 and issue the Well Integrity Certificate # 2 as well as act as a Focal Point to define securing and work-over requirements for high risk wells.
  • Participates in technical audits of the base facilities of the key equipment vendors of downhole safety valves, Wellhead and Xmas trees and completion accessories where  OFFSHORE well equipment are maintained and repaired.
  • Ensures that employees and contractors are fully adhering to company’s HSEQA management system and ‘Well Integrity Standards during related integrity work.
  • Ensures that the risk mitigation or monitoring action plans are followed up in a timely manner and that the status is updated in the database management system.  Ensures risk management processes are properly used in well reviews and risk ranking. Take an active role in conducting well peer reviews.
  • Ensures that all relevant Well Integrity reporting/presentations are completed and communicated in a timely manner to the concerned divisions and management/Shareholders.
  • Update the Senior Management with the relevant well integrity information at all times.
  • Represent OFFSHORE in professional meetings, technical seminars and industry workshops related to Well Integrity Management to publicize the company leading position in the industry.
  • Reviews non-routine well operations, ensure proper procedures and dispensations are adequately reviewed, valid and in place to avoid WI related potential hazards. Frequent visits to offshore sites to discuss and update about the risk status of the wells with the field management.
  • Taking the lead for the cement bond log interpretations and data analysis for operational decision making covering different log contractors.
  • Implement, maintain and improve the petrophysics regulations on data management, quality, depth, follow-up, interpretation and technical updates under Universal Petrophysics Integrated Control set of standards.
  • Guide subordinates in the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of systems, processes, and practices while taking into account international leading practices and technologies in the Oil & Gas spectrum, improvement of business processes, cost reduction, and productivity improvement.
  • Manage the recruitment, training and development plans for Well Integrity Team.
  • Coaches/ mentors the young engineers (UAE Nationals) and performs evaluation of their professional career development to achieve a high standard of professionalism and the capability to work independently.
  • Guides, directs and supervises subordinates to ensure they work to their best potential and contribute effectively as a Team.