Senior Production Technician

Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd| Date Posted: 27-Jul-2020
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Job Nature:
Position Level:
Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description

General overview

The position is part of the production team who oversees the loading and unloading of LNG cargoes from vessels and the re-gasification process of LNG to piped natural gas to meet nomination requests.


Roles and responsibilIties

The primary duties are listed as follows:

  • Monitor the overall terminal process and control within the design parameters.
  • Operate high pressure rotating equipment.
  • Berthing in of ships and performing Loading Master duties.
  • Support other production activities in relation to other businesses and services such as vessel cool down, cold energy transfer, Truck Loading etc.
  • Maintain comprehensive unit logs with proper data of all activities occurred in the shift and to ensure proper changeover of shift including any follow-up activities requirement.
  • Conduct frequent routine inspections on all equipment operating conditions, liquid levels, and pressure, temperature and flow rates conditions to ensure safe operating limits.
  • Take corrective action to ensure unit and equipment are operated under safe and optimum conditions.  Generate work notifications and informed production supervisors accordingly.
  • Perform equipment monitoring routines such as vibration and temperature monitoring.
  • Perform Operator Basic Care routines such as changing lube oil, seal oil cooler flushing, bearing greasing, refilling of pump seal oil flush, oil gun cleaning etc and moderate maintenance support.
  • Replenish process chemicals / additives and trigger re-stock when necessary.
  • Conduct periodic fugitive emission leak detection (hydrocarbon or utilities) and execute immediate measures to minimize or eliminate such leaks.
  • Collect routine process stream samples for laboratory analysis and product certification.
  • Secure and prepare equipment and work sites for mechanical work according to Safe Operating Procedures requirements such as equipment tag out and log out, low tension electrical de-energisation etc.
  • Review and ensure work permits are approved after all safety checklist is completed and ready for mechanical activities.
  • Supervise contractors who are executing the approved works according to the established permit to work system.
  • Assist in the execution of starting up and shutting down of equipment and process units based on established procedures.


The incumbent shall also support the safety and emergency response procedures of the terminal as follows:

  • Respond to terminal emergency situations as a first aid specialist or fire fighter or any other assigned roles.
  • Participate in prevention and combat of hazardous situations such as loss of primary containment, oil spills and other forms of pollution and situations dangerous to life and property.
  • Perform periodic safety check on work sites to ensure safety compliance enforcement such as but not limited to taking periodic gas test for confined space work.
  • Perform routine safety check on all safety equipment such as safety showers, eye wash, SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus), firefighting equipment etc) to ensure readiness and availability.

Work experience

  • Candidate must have at least 5 years’ experience in oil, petrochemical and refinery plant, utilities and cryogenic processes.
  • Preferably with knowledge of plant instrumentation and control systems and DCS.
  • Practical working knowledge of mechanical equipment, heat transfer equipment cryogenic equipment, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, LNG tanks, fired equipment and flare systems. 
  • Previous operations experience of LNG facilities is preferred but transferable skills from other hydrocarbon process and LPG loading and unloading will also be considered.
  • Experience in mechanical systems and process plants desired, knowledge of cryogenics and aspects of the natural gas industry is preferred.
  • Experience in plant commissioning and start-up is preferred.
  • In addition, the successful candidate should possess the following personal attributes:
    1. A team player who can work well in a team and with good listening skill
    2. High self-motivation with the ability to work with minimal supervision and adapt to changing priorities and assignments.


  • The candidate must have a technical certificate in engineering process.
  • Candidates with Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical or Chemical Engineering will have an advantage.
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