Programmer / Software Developer with IT Administration

Can-La | Date Posted: 6-Sep-2018
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Job Nature:
Part Time, Project Basis
Position Level:
Experienced, Student Job
'A' Levels, Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description

For this job you will be undertaking one or more of the following (NOTE: you need NOT be familiar with every single technology listed):




(1) macOS Applications (familiarity with Java and JavaFX libraries a bonus, although not required)


Familiarity with Objective-C

Familiarity with macOS app libraries: UIKit, Foundation


(2) Java SE and Java EE Applications


Familiarity with Java SE and the core APIs

Familiarity with Tomcat applications a bonus, although not strictly required


(3) Command-Line Scripts


Familiarity with any of the following languages - Python or PHP


(4) Full-Stack Web Applications (including E-Commerce)


Familiarity with Java EE or PHP

Familiarity with web application frameworks based on the above two languages, eg. CakePHP, Symfony, Zend

Familiarity with CMSes based on the above two languages, eg. Drupal, Magento, Wordpress


Projects may include:

A. Debugging or transforming an existing program

B. New apps




Preferably be familiar with standard UNIX and Window command line tools and utilities like top, ps, find, open, chmod, ...

Preferably be familiar with computing and computer architecture concepts like CPU, RAM, GPU, disk, to optimise performance and resource use


(1) Administering one or more of the following operating systems: Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, macOS, Windows

(2) Administering one or more of the following major programs/apps/frameworks/platforms: JDK/Java, PHP, Python, Apache HTTPD, Nginx, MySQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDB, 

Projects may include:

A. Troubleshooting OS-level or app-level problems

B. Deploying cloud instances, installing new apps, setting preferences and configuration files


VENUE: This job can be done either remotely or onsite at our designed workplace in the Central area. If you choose the remote option, please make sure you have a good labtop or computer, a good working internet connection, and Whatsapp to facilitate communication. 

TIMING: This job is done on a project-by-project basis with given deadlines. There is no fixed working schedule as long as you can meet with deadlines and send in regular updates on your progress.

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