Principal/ Vice Principal (International School)

Job Nature:
Permanent, Contract
Position Level:
Senior Manager, Top Management

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities


Under the direction of Invictus’ Academic Board, the purpose of the job is to be Invictus’ management representative at the Primary/Seconday School, as well as to be the senior class teacher at the school.

Management functions:


  • To be the Head and a contributing member of the school’s management team.
  • To provide leadership in managing the day-to-day operation of the School.
  • To liaise with Invictus’ Academic and Examinations Board with regard to:
  1. Teaching & learning activities at the School – these are to be in line with the curriculum and ethos of Invictus.
  2. Staffing at the School – so that the standards and methods of teaching are in line with those determined by the Academic Board.
  •  To liase with Invictus’ Administrator (or her/his representative) with regard to:
  1. The school’s budgetary process and the implementation of the approved budgets.
  2. The school’s administrative processes as captured in Invictus’ Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), which includes matters relating to admissions, contracting of students, maintaining student records, etc.
  • To liaise with the Principal of the other Campuses (or her/his representative) with regard to achieving a ‘seamless transfer’ of students from Invictus’ Primary School to the Secondary School.
  • To take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with relevant statutory regulations as well as Invictus standing operating procedures (SOPs).
  • More specifically, the managerial duties and responsibilities include:
  • The day-to-day supervision of the other teachers, as well as teacher assistants and any support staff that are appointed to work at the School.
  • Being the ‘first-line’ to deal with any matters that parents with children at the school may raise, including questions about the child’s academic progress as well as their general well-being. (Matters that cannot be dealt with at the School are to be referred to the Academic Board).
  • Interacting with the school’s parent body in order to bring about effective communication between the stakeholders in the school.

Teaching functions:

  • To perform all of the duties required of a regular primary/secondary teacher in the delivery of classes as called for in the school’s prescribed curriculum - the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) by Fieldwork Education - as well as in the specialist field as offered by the candidate; either as a Maths/Science specialist, or a Language/Arts specialist.
  • To participate in professional training as and when required.

Qualifications and Experience

  • A degree plus teaching qualification (or equivalent)
  • Higher degree or recognized professional qualification (preferred) Evidence of continued relevant professional development
  • Experience in teaching primary/secondary grades in international schools (Grade 1- Grade 12)
  • Experience in an international school environment
  • Experience with IMYC/IPC (preferred)

Job Type: Full-time

Please send a cover letter explaining how your teaching experience will add to the Invictus school community and your CV to [Click Here to Email Your Resume].