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Patient Service Executive (4 days, up to $2.8K, attractive benefits)

Friends Dental Surgeons| Date Posted: 18-Feb-2021
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Entry Level, Experienced
'A' Levels, Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description


What We Do

Friends Dental Surgeons is a dental clinic located in Tampines, Singapore. We help busy people smile with confidence, enjoy their food with comfort and keep their teeth with peace of mind. We are forward looking, contagiously enthusiastic and excited about being exceptional for our patients, and we are looking for an amazing Front Desk/Dental Surgery Assistant to join our team team of A Players. If you are confident, positive, competent with a track record and willing to serve others in a fast-paced environment, you are our kind of people. We handle the hiring process with care.



Our Core Values


Prioritise People

At Friends Dental, our people are our most important asset. They make us different. We encourage our team to rest and rejuvenate, caring for their health and prioritizing their most important relationships, so they can do their best work.

At Friends Dental, we are dedicated to the concept of nurturing lifelong friendship with everyone who walks into our practice.


Infectiously Positive

We earn the loyalty of our patients by consistently exceeding their expectations with our personal service and warm hospitality. We enjoy what we do. Work is fun and we spontaneously spread that enthusiasm to each other and our patients.


Ownership Attitude

We are leaders, not victims. We believe individual and collective leadership drives results. We focus on solutions, not problems. When we fail, we own it, resolve it, and learn the lesson to avoid it in the future.


Better Version Everyday

We are growth-oriented with a passion for excellence. We are not anchors. We do not stop learning. Instead, we continually improve ourselves so that we can do our work better and more effectively, with our patients’ interests at heart.


More Effective Before More Efficient

We value relationships and health as foundations for everything we do. We are committed to put in consistent quality work to protect our time away from work so that we have quality time for family life, leisure and self care for health.


Protect Like Family

We treat our patients like family. We are responsible for their safety, well-being and comfort. We are committed to provide quality dental care for them and their loved ones.


Be Undivided

We work and grow together as a team. We tell the truth, do what is right, and honor our commitments even when expensive, inconvenient, or embarrassing.


Higher Standards, Fewer Rules

Another word for higher standard is heart. We put lots of heart in what we do and we do our best all the time



Why Join Our Team?


Here are five reasons to consider


1. Our work is meaningful.

We are in healthcare.

We help people.

We are here for one reason and only one reason: To give our best for our patients.

We are dedicated to the concept of nurturing lifelong friendship with everyone who walks into our practice.


2. We are passionate about growing.

As a company, we are constantly learning and growing.

We understand that knowledge, like COE, will not last long forever.

We are always keeping up to date

We believe in training.

We set aside time for learning and growing together.

In doing so, we empower our team members to dig deeper into their unique skill set and grow personally and professionally to reach their full potential.


3. We are committed to put in consistent quality work to protect our time away from work so that we have quality time for family life, leisure and self care for health. 

You will be guided by clear directives and competent, engaging supervisors who seek your best interests as well as those of the team


4. Our team mates are smart and fun.

Our team mates are cool people that you like, respect, and would want to hang out with in real life.

We are surrounded by friends who allow us to be ourselves at work

No one in our team put on a ‘‘work facade’’ when they works here.

No one need to leave part of their personality and inner life at home.

We are comfortable being ourselves at work because we have mutual trust and respect in our team  


5. Our place has heart. 

We always do our best all the time.

We care about what we are doing. 

We do it with every ounce of passion we possess. 

Consequently, our place has heart. 



Job Description


Your mission as a Patient Service Executive is to support our patients and dentist. Support our patients by listening to them and helping them. By being the eyes and ears in the dental team, you ensure that our patient care is attentive and complete. Support our dentists by doing chairside or preparatory tasks so as to free them up to treat, communicate with and manage our patients. By being an effective and strong link in the dental team, you allow our dentists to do uninterrupted clinical work and to focus on delivering the best care for our patients.

You do so with lots of hearts and infectious enthusiasm to give our patients a consistent, personalised and seamless(efficient) experience.




Permanent full-time or part-time positions available
Full-time up to $2800
Part time up to $15/hour

Attractive 4 day work week as working option
14 AL 
Bonus plan 
Flexible benefits for medical, dental and optical care, personal development and education support 
Full employer CPF contribution even for mature workers age 55 and above
Paid sabbatical after 5 year
Paid parental leave
Complimentary access to basic dental treatment
Team building for rejuvenation 
Team retreat
Paid time off for community service
Supplemental insurance

Company Overview
Friends Dental Surgeons