Part-Time Accountant (on-site)

Glyph| Date Posted: 6-May-2021
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Job Nature:
Permanent, Part Time
Position Level:
Experienced, Manager
'A' Levels, Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description

Glyph is an investment backed social enterprise dedicated to combating Inequality in Asia.


We feel strongly about equalizing wealth equality because people lacking the resources, exposure and conducive environment from young; lack the confidence, skill sets and relationships to capitalize on the opportunities in life.

Even when they try to acquire these qualities, skills and networks later on in life, it's so much more difficult for them to succeed or break out of a vicious cycle.


Glyph disrupts this cycle by being a locally recognized and trusted brand which enables kids and youth from lower income households or single/dysfunctional families, to have access to affordable privileges in life.

We do so by operating businesses which provide quality goods and services, at heavily subsidized rates to any family whose kid is enrolled as a Glyph member.


Our Community space operates the core membership business which gives access to weekly activities, workshops, field trips which are non-academic in nature, but instead, designed to cultivate Character, Collaboration and Communication skills.

More importantly, Glyph exist as a safe space to forge valuable relationships which serve as their emotional support pillars outside of school or family; where many kids or youth tend to be struggling in.


Our Academy develops specialty programmes and curriculum in the genres of Technology, Arts, and Life-skills; designed to foster Computational and Critical Thinking capabilities while building Creative capacities.

Above all, the Academy aims to help kids and youth build qualities and find their strengths through alternative subject areas which they could be passionate in, but lack the opportunity or exposure to in the first place.


Our Fitness platform serve as an inspirational ground for aspiring athletes to develop enduring qualities, a nurturing ground to build sports skills; a symbol which Champions resonate with in their pursue of Sporting Success, in spite of the pessimistic view of Sports being a dangerous plunge into an unsecured future.

Even if families lack sporting ambitions, Glyph Fitness remain an active advocate of "Fitness for Life", for we believe fitness is a powerful conduit in developing the traits needed for an individual to be successful later on in life.

Vision – One Asia. One Dream
Mission –  Level the Playing Field & Advance Equal Opportunity for All


Our team at Glyph embody 4 characteristics that keep us motivated and excited about what we are doing. We call these the 4 D’s:



Regardless of your background, education or past; if you have the guts, the gumption and the tenacity to do better, Glyph wants you.


No one likes to be micro-managed. Neither do we.

We believe people are the best versions of themselves when they are empowered with autonomy.


People need to know that you’ve got their backs when it comes to crunch time.


We accept people from all walks of life and the experiences that shaped them along the way.



Glyph is a small but tightly knitted team of committed souls whilst being heavily bootstrapped and requiring every member to pull their own weight.

We require a highly independent, self-motivated and enthusiastic team player.


What You’ll be Doing Exactly:

  1. Inventory management of sponsored products and assets
  2. Daily Transaction monitoring, Book-keeping & bank reconciliation
  3. Monthly & Annual financial reports
  4. Financial projections
  5. Purchase of necessary products/services for business needs
  6. Cash & banking management
  7. Data entry of daily transactions, membership records, CRM, and various associated Excel trackers
  8. Administrative form filling or business grant application
  9. Payroll & reimbursements
  10. Appointment scheduling and secretarial duties


Must Haves:

  • Attitude: This isn’t a 9-6 job; lots of things to get done and we need to get it done
  • Aptitude: We are not expecting you to know it all, have it all; but we take chances on people as long as we feel you have the potential and the drive to be better everyday
  • Ability: You need to be proactive in working with the team, as well as have the intense curiosity and desire to learn whatever’s necessary and grow yourself in the process
  • Certified Accountant


Certain skill sets which are compulsory would be Microsoft Office and Googling for information. Emotional empathy coupled with great interpersonal skills would take you a long way in this team and the communities we engage with.

Technical and design skills are a huge plus and will earn you brownie points.

We are not looking for qualifications but rather people with the right attitude and are aligned with our Vision, Mission and People Culture.

If you feel being in a Social Enterprise is where you’re meant to be, kindly write in to [Click Here to Email Your Resume] and let us know why you’ll be a great addition to the team.

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