Network Engineer (Renewable Contract)

Jobster Pte Ltd (EA License No: 06C5060)| Date Posted: 17-Jun-2019
EA Licence No: 06C5060|EA Personal Registration No: 200818951C
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Job Nature:
Position Level:
Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours, Masters / PhD

Job Description


1. Provide on-site services to administer the network systems which shall minimally include the following:
a. Review the logs of the network links and equipment every morning to ensure no abnormal activities;
b. Install, maintain and upgrade all hardware, firmware and software used;
c. Fine-tune the network or system parameters;
d. Patch/Re-Patch cables in patch panel and all network equipment;
e. Labelling of cables/patch panels/racks/equipment;
f. Create, delete or modify access rights for the network equipment related user accounts in terms of authentication, authorisation and accounting;
g. Connect Customer-approved network equipment to the Customer’s LAN;
h. Manage IP addresses and IP assignment scheme;
i. Manage firewall rules setting and security configuration;
j. Perform troubleshooting to resolve network problems;
k. Incident management
l. Document and maintain configurations of all network hardware, cabling information and software used in the operating environment;
m. Create/maintain the system/user accounts and assign appropriate network access rights;
n. Perform routine backup of network configuration;
o. Analyse network utilization pattern and problems, recommend and implement corrective and preventive measures;
p. Recommend new or improved hardware, software, configurations, etc to enhance the existing system performance and management;
q. Assist the Customer to evaluate new hardware and software for implementation in the operating environment, when required by the Customer etc;
r. Enforce physical access controls to the network room and the equipment,
including escorting its own Sub-contractors and the Customer-appointed
Supplier, and maintaining proper management of keys and access logs at all
times; and Provide standby and support service for network upgrades, network
implementation or building maintenance activities such as testing and
servicing of building power generators, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS),
air-conditioning and fire suppression systems, which may affect the operation
of the equipment in the network rooms.
2. Responsible for the availability of the network service, except where the unavailability is due to the network hardware failureSchedule and execute production jobs in accordance with the specifications as stipulated by the Customer.
3. Provide the following network maintenance which includes:
a. Co-ordinate the second-level and third-level troubleshooting and problem root cause analysis for network links and equipments under the scope of work.
b. Conduct a verification check at the start of each week, prior to the start of support hours of the Customer to ensure all network services are up and running
c. Proactive monitoring of the network links and equipment and take necessary actions to ensure the service level of the network availability and performance can be achieved at all times
d. Provide on-site standby when preventive maintenance for systems or data centre is carried out by the Customer-appointed Supplier, and conduct necessary system tests to ensure the network is in normal production operating condition after such maintenance
e. Obtain the lease, warranty and maintenance contracts information pertaining to all network links and equipment under the Customer and monitor the contract expiry
f. Responsible for all the configurations of the network links and equipment within the scope of network administration to be configured in accordance with the Customer’s specified requirements
g. Review the Customer network links and equipment configuration and make recommendations to improve the network availability, scalability and its efficient working
h. Provide regular housekeeping on the network configuration and firewall rules to remove unwanted set up and configuration parameters
i. Monitor all network resources proactively to ascertain the general health of the networks and to detect faults or errors. Set the network threshold to be monitored in accordance to the Customer specification
j. Collect network statistics to enable the Contractor to assess the performance of the network. Analyse and highlight possible bottlenecks and potential capacity issues to the Customer on a monthly basis
k. Gather and analyse all resource utilization including CPU, RAM, disks, I/O, port, network protocol and port pattern/bandwidth etc, where applicable, and analyze the usage pattern to ensure adequate resources to meet the usage demand.
l. Tune the network or system parameters to improve performance when required by the Customer
4. Provide the following change management to the network infrastructure:
a. Configure network equipment and their related software;
b. Configure and manage network security equipment and network security related software;
c. Apply software patches;
d. Administer network-related accounts, which includes creation, deletion and modification;
e. Administer network-related security accounts, which includes creation, deletion and modification;
f. Configure firewall rules and security management;
g. Connect third-party equipment to the network;
h. Assign IP addresses; and
i. Change encryption keys.

1. Trained and minimally be proficient in the following areas:
a. Network technologies and protocols;
b. Network Configuration;
c. Network utilization and performance monitoring;
d. Network fine-tuning, problem troubleshooting, interpretation of statistics and traffic pattern; and
e. Firewall rules configuration and security setting.
2. Have at least three (3) years hands-on practical experience in configuring routers/switches (e.g., CISCO and Alcatel), firewalls, and intrusion detection/protection systems.
3. Minimally have the CISCO Certified Network Engineer certification, or equivalent

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