Marine Operations Trainee #SGUP

Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd| Date Posted: 30-Oct-2020
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Job Nature:
Contract, Internship
Position Level:
Entry Level
Job Category:
Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description

The incumbent will report Senior Marine Operations Manager, assist him/her in ensuring safe and efficient LNG ship berthing / unberthing and loading/reloading. Participate in vetting checks and SLNG compatibility checks which are an integral part of the preparation for ship– shore operation. The position must interface internally with SLNG Operations and Commercial team, as well as SLNG’s representatives LNG ship while onboard. The Marine Officer requires to assist Senior Marine Operations Manager overseeing maintenance of marine equipment and monitoring the contractors appointed for marine activities.



The incumbent shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following scope of tasks and duties: 

1. Communicate and participate in the compatibility review of all prospective Vessels nominated by the suppliers. If so, he/she will confirm that the ship is compatible and acceptable to the nominated berth and that the jetty equipments are in proper working order. 

2. Participate in conducting onboard safety inspections/audits, and complete the Ship-Shore Safety Checklist to ensure all safety measures are in place before cargo operations begin and are maintained until the Vessel is ready to depart the berth (i.e. until the gangway is removed from the Vessel) 

3. Record a log of the Vessel alongside time activities, stoppages, and delays, and review/approve claims [e.g. demurrage claims]. 

4. Assist Senior Marine Operations Manager to ensure that sufficient, proper marine emergency response resources are available and proper drills and training are undertaken within the jetty head area. Contribute and participate for developing relevant marine contingency plans, including, removing a Vessel from berth in an emergency. Participate in terminal’s emergency response; the degree of participation will depend upon the emergency response structure laid down in the Terminal’s Emergency Response Plan.

5. Ensuring all marine activities are compliant with plant Operations procedures and HSSE policies 

6. Routinely liaise with the relevant Operation team and assist if required, ensure the smooth marine services operation and smooth cooldown/transfers of the cargo between the Vessel and the terminal. 

7. Provide the Marine Operations manager with continuous updates on faulty equipment, and liaise closely with the Maintenance Department to ensure planned maintenance schedules and unplanned deficiencies are met in a timely manner so as to avoid interrupting Vessel schedules. This includes all jetty equipment, including docking, navigational aids and Met-Ocean instrumentation. 

8. Required to play a role in cargo delivery planning and act as loading master while vessel is alongside. He/She is responsible for ensuring smooth communication between the terminal and the ship’s cargo control room. 

9. It is anticipated that the Marine Officer will have special duties on the site Emergency Response team as it relates to jetty and marine  emergencies, evacuation of personnel from the terminal with small crafts and would have the responsibility for operations of any marine craft required by the terminals 

10. Prior to loading, he/she will test all terminal communication systems and the Carry-OnBoard Computer’s mooring line monitoring and environmental functions. 

11. Uploading data and fillings Marine Log Book platforms 

12. Prepare activities and vessel schedule list 

13. Validates ship’s approval list for each vessels due berthing 

14. Built up database for jetty performance statistics 

15. Support data uploading for digitalisation projects 

16. Documentation, records, reports of all marine activities are to be kept for future reference. Company’s document control process shall be adhered to.


Technical Skills and Competencies

1. Terminal Operations 

2. Cargo Operations 

3. Maintenance of Operations 

4. Transmission of Information 

5. Loading / Discharging Operations 

6. Berthing Operations 

7. Mooring Operations 

8. Technical Knowledge of Products 

9. Compatibility Studies and Vessel Approval Process

Company Overview
Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd