Inspector, Qc

PEC Ltd| Date Posted: 21-Aug-2019
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Job Nature:
Permanent, Contract
Position Level:
ITE/ NITEC/ Higher NITEC, Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Carry out material receiving inspection.
  2. Select and mark weld joints for MT/ PT/ RT examinations.
  3. Carry out Ferrite No., Hardness, MT/ PT test on weld joints.
  4. Blow clean pipe internal inspection.
  5. Prepare inspection reports.
  6. Carry out line checking and punch-listing on lines prior to hydrotesting.
  7. Liaise with client inspector on inspection point(s).
  8. Witness hydrostatic tests.
  9. Monitor consumables (fillers & electrodes) control & welders daily work schedule.
  10. To ensure materials used are within the specifications of client.
  11. To enforce welding standard and ensure weldment meets design requirements.
  12. To select test samples.
  13. To conduct visual inspection of weldment.
  14. To review fabrication spool drawing.
  15. To coordinate and arrange for NDE, when required
    1. Radiographic Test
    2. PAMI Test
    3. Dye Penetrant Test
    4. PWHT/Hardness Test
    5. Magnetic test
    6. Leak Test
    7. Hydrotest
    8. Air Test
    9. Service Test
  16. To inspect pre-weld condition include base metal weld & preparation, edge preparation and fit up and back purge and preheat.
  17. To monitor & sort radiographic films.
  18. To update and review Isometric drawings.
  19. To apply for welders’ qualification tests.
  20. To monitor and update welders’ records which may include the qualifications held and their performance records.
  21. To prepare test package documentation for submission to clients.
  22. To keep and update all the Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) used in relation to a project.
  23. To keep and update all welding joint records, inspection records, non-destructive testing records.
  24. To keep and update all non-conformance reports (NCR), follow-up sheet, calibration status report of measuring and test equipment.
  25. Carry out any other duties as and when assigned by the immediate supervisor or higher management.


Qualification & Experience Generally Required

  1. Diploma holder in any engineering discipline or equivalent
  2. 2 years relevant working experience in related industries
  3. Familiar with and understand fundamentals of the following processes: SMAW, GTAW, SAW, FCAW, Bracing, Thermal Cutting, Soldering, Mechanical Cutting, Arc Air Gouging and Gas Cutting
  4. Familiar with and understand the following examination methods: VT, UT, RT, MT, PT, Ferrite No. & Hardness Testing
  5. Certified as an:
    1. AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) or;
    2. CSWIP Certified Welding Inspector (3.1)
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