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PWG Asia | Date Posted: 7-Nov-2018
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Contract, Part Time
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Entry Level, Experienced
Diploma, Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description

Many people have wholeheartedly wanted to give their very best to their career life, provided that they can secure that Perfect Job.

As we spend over 80% of our waking hours at our chosen job, it is then utmost important that we do enjoy what we do and the benefits that come with it.

Now what then constitutes that Perfect Job?

To have that Perfect Job we need to have three qualifying criteria.

1. Enjoy what you do...

The workscope and responsibilities must be clear so that workers need not be confused over what are expected of them..and that having crystalised roles, they can then exert themselves to become excellent in what they do..and in the process feel valued and appreciated.

Do you?

2.You have a supportive environment and co workers (including bosses and superiors)

Office politics have weighed down many a person as relationships breakdown and suspicions and mistrust poison the enviroment causing internal disputes and unhappiness.When everyone is at arms with one another, customers suffer and new ones are turned away.

Time flexibility towards balanced work life is usually fixated to the usual working hours. Unexpected leave days or time off may not be welcomed in most workplaces.

Are you experiencing any of the above?

3.You are enjoying a progressive career path and its rewards.

Promotion opportunities may not be promising as most jobs offer only a vertical way up that is usually occupied by the most senior ranking and waiting in line may not be suitable for some who have higher and faster ambitions than others.

If the organisation is not expanding horizontal promotions and opportunities may not be present to fulfill the career aspirations for those who have always wanted to spread their wings.

Money matters! Inflation depletes whatever single digit precentage growth there is in compensation.In Singapore’s competitive business environment, while most employers may want to reward their valued or long time employees their intention is usually restrained due to a lack of profit.

Or in worse situations, they may even have to cut cost(which in Singapore’s context equates to manpower salary) to sustain their business.

Sounds familiar?

If you can answer Yes to any of the above

1 Yes: Not bad, you got a job
2 Yes: Quite good,keep your job but lookout for the more ideal one along the way
3 Yes: Great! Not many jobs qualify for all three criteria..Pray your Job is always around as it is really hard to come by.

No Yes?

Please review your situation and be prepared to make a change.

Sorry,we do not have any job if you are looking for one.

But we have a professional career here that may appeal to those who makes the cut and they can then enjoy all three of the above!


Join our team of Financial Consultants today!

Build clientele by providing financial advisory services and products to meet the needs of individuals, companies and high net worth market.

Your success in this profession is as good as the number and quality of prospects you are able to develop.  



  • Minimum Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent
  • At least 2 years of working experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong passion for sales and financial services industry
  • Right attitude and good interpersonal skills


You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sales Support Systems to achieve professional development and recognition.
  • Dual Career path to facilitate your professional growth aspirations.
  • Attractive compensation to reward your efforts and to attain your desired lifestyle.
  • Allowance scheme* and performance bonus to jump-start your career.


*Subject to program terms and conditions and only for selected qualified candidates


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