Director, Office of Safety and Campus Security

THE ADVERTISER| Date Posted: 12-Apr-2019
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Senior Manager
Bachelor's / Honours

Job Description

The primary role of the Office of Safety and Campus Security (OSCS) is to oversee the development of safety, security, and emergency readiness policies and procedures of SMU, and the effective coordination and implementation of attendant operating procedures and practices. As the Head of Department of OSCS, the Director will oversee and direct OSCS’s work plans to meet the University’s needs in terms of safety and campus security, including the overall corporate fire safety, security and emergency readiness functions of the University. The Director will be given full autonomy to run the Office and approve Safety and Risk Management plans for SMU events. This involves endorsing/approving safety plans for SMU events (e.g. Patron’s Day, Student Camps, etc.). The Director will also be expected to carry out investigative roles, where in the event of an incident the Director may be called on to lead a team to investigate and provide recommendations from findings to Management. In addition, the Director shall provide advice on safety needs/ requirements with regard to building plans, and will be responsible for OSCS’s capability and effectiveness to perform all the functions within OSCS, encompassing the following broad functions and accountabilities:


  • Risk Management and Emergency Readiness
    • Responsible for the development, communication, coordination and implementation of enterprise risk management policies and procedures across SMU business units
    • Work closely with other SMU units [e.g., Office of Integrated Information and Technology Services (IITS), schools, etc.) on site-specific needs and requirements, and develop the standard operating procedures accordingly for business continuity
    • Develop and implement the plans for assessed or perceived threats and emergencies (such as acts of terror, pandemics, rioting, etc.), and will be the working team that drives the work of the Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee (SEPC)
    • Being the “internal safety auditor” to ensure compliance across SMU
    • Liaise with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and other external agencies (e.g. on SGSecure) on SMU’s plans and preparations
    • Responsible for the Emergency Preparedness (EP) requirements under the Fire Safety Act which is expected to take effect mid-2019 for all Educational premises. This will include, among other requirements, appointing a Senior Fire Safety Manager (SFSM) to manage the overall corporate fire safety aspects, maintaining an Emergency Response Plan (ERP), a Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a valid Fire Certificate
  • Safety Training and Education
    • Operate (plan, conduct, and coordinate) the CPR, AED, first-aid courses that are run regularly for staff, faculty, student leaders and students, as part of safety requirements before proceeding for overseas community projects, running camps and events, etc.
    • Conduct the risk assessment of student activities and events that are mandatory, and perform the role of safety officers at these events
    • Train, coordinate and supervise the Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) and building occupants in first-aid, fire-fighting and evacuation in the event of fire or other emergencies threatening the safety of the SMU community and visitors, as well as conduct regular drills and exercises to prepare the community for all emergencies
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WSH)
    • Serve as the central coordinating body for the University with regard to implementation, adherence and oversight management of all WSH-related policies and SOPs (e.g. incident reporting, compliance, and governance) by the various domains
    • Drive WSH initiatives within the SMU community
    • Liaise with the relevant government agencies [e.g. WSH Council, Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Ministry of Health (MOH)] on matters pertaining to Workplace Safety & Health
    • Represent SMU in the Working Group for Higher Education & Research under the ambit of the WSH Council where SMU is part of the Sub-Committee for Education
  • Overall Campus Security
    • Provide physical protection of University properties, facilities and assets through established building access control policies and procedures, patrols, lock-down, etc.
    • Operate security card access system and CCTV systems, including ID card encoding
    • Provide the University community and stakeholders with a safe, secure and conducive environment which is optimal for learning, teaching, research and other University activities
    • Provide emergency management, incident and investigation related to physical security and security breaches
    • Plan and coordinate security exercises in SMU, or in conjunction with external security agencies, to evaluate and improve security measures on Campus
    • Maintain property “Loss & Found” and crime prevention/suppression on Campus
    • Ensure smooth operations of the SMU Building Security receptions and fault service request management in liaison with OCIS
    • Supervise the operation of the Fire Command Centre in the event of fire or other related emergencies
    • While an external agency is engaged for security staff, overall campus security and security practices (including planning, scheduling, and procuring additional security staff as required for events and activities) would be key areas of responsibility
  • Additional roles
    • Serve as SMU’s representative in any external capacity/forum on safety, risk management, and emergency preparedness issues


  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in a teaching or service area, with course work in safety, public service, or a related field
  • At least 15 years of related and relevant managerial experience with a proven track record in campus safety, law enforcement, or a combination of safety and law enforcement
  • Deep and broad knowledge of safety practices, risk management, emergency preparedness and crisis management, as well as local statutory codes and regulations
  • Proven and excellent leadership skills and exemplary ability to command teams and individuals, especially in times of crisis
  • Strong ability to be assertive and make swift and effective decisions; Ability to act fast, decisively and appropriately under pressure and critical (possibly life-threatening) situations
  • Strong ability to develop strategic plans and narratives for safety and campus security at SMU
  • Strong ability to translate top-down planning into strategic and programmatic initiatives for implementation
  • Strong ability to predict safety threats, scenarios and resulting outcomes, and strategize, drive and take ownership for possible solutions to mitigate
  • Strong ability to build and develop the capabilities of a diverse team with different skill-set, grooming the team to achieve a progressively higher levels of performance
  • Excellent communication (written and spoken) and interpersonal skills to deal with a range of internal and external stakeholders, with the ability to relate well to the diverse population in SMU

Other Informations

Candidates who do not possess the stipulated qualifications but have relevant work experience may still apply. Remuneration and appointment terms shall commensurate with qualifications and experience. SMU reserves the right to modify the appointment terms where necessary.