JobsCentral Graduate Virtual Career Fair 2021

  • 15th - 17th JULY 2021
  • 9am - 6.30pm
  • On your screens

Take it from us:

Your first job is your first taste of True Freedom.

Your money won't come from mum and dad, it'll be your paycheck earned from your hard work in a field you chose. Your value won't be defined by teachers and tutors, but by you and the employer you chose to evaluate you.

When do you work, where, how and why? Find a job that fits with all your requirements. If you don't like the 9-to-5, join the many freelancers and consultants around. Want to move in with someone special? There's a position that has the perfect commute for the taking.

And your place in the world? That's all on you too.

Make YOU.
Define YOU.

Come to the JobsCentral Graduate Virtual Career Fair and discover freedom.
The freedom to be yourself.

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