Employer Quick Look
UrbanFox was unveiled on 24th October 2017, but is not new to the industry. Formerly known as Courex, she was founded on 2009, mainly operating as a Courier service company. Over the years, Courex has evolved to include omnichannel logistics and management as part of its offerings.

UrbanFox has come a long way since its early days and is now a subsidiary of Keppel Logistics, and works closely with its parent company to leverage on mutual strengths. With Keppel's extensive regional network and UrbanFox’s nimbleness, we are excited about its regional prospects and the growth potential it is able to provide to its customers.

UrbanFox will continue its focus on omnichannel logistics and Channel management in Singapore and the region. We are passionate about growing your e-commerce presence and fulfilment capabilities.
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