Employer Quick Look
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Marshall Cavendish Online is one of the largest e-Learning solution and service provider in Singapore.  Its flagship product, the LEAD e-Learning portal, integrates a full featured e-Learning platform with rich multimedia interactive content, and is being used by more than 120 schools and 200,000 students in Singapore.  Marshall Cavendish Online trainers are sought by and deployed to many Singapore schools to assist in their infocomm technology needs and training.

Besides providing schools with an e-learning platform with exceptional standards, our LEAD portal also provides the means for students to excel by making schoolwork enjoyable and fun through the creative use of technology.

To meet the growing e-learning needs in schools, Marshall Cavendish Online continues to invest in technology to enhance our product offerings, and development of more and more pedagogically sound multimedia rich content aligned with the school curriculum.

Marshall Cavendish Online is a member of the Marshall Cavendish Publishing Group.