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The Shichida Method (S) Pte Ltd

Shichida Method™ is the No. 1 brain development programme in Singapore and
Malaysia. Originating from Japan through break-through education
technology backed by extensive R&D since 1958, The Shichida
Method™ brings out talents and learning abilities in children through
brain stimulation courses, and is at the forefront of 21st century learning

The Shichida
Method™ Instructors are professionally trained in many areas of brain-mind
development to benefit children and parents. Our aim is to be meaningful to
both parents and children by creating a loving parent-child bonding which
nurtures children's abilities to contribute to their country and the world.

Why join

• We
offer attractive remuneration schemes

• Career advancements within
company and overseas

• We have
20 centres in Singapore and Malaysia under one management