Employer Quick Look
The Professionals Center

The Professionals Center is a reputable Brand & Franchise consulting and training Company that works with SMB (Small Medium and Big) Businesses to achieve sustainable Business and People Performance.

We focus on Consultancy in the following core areas:

  • Branding
  • Franchising
  • CCI (Customers Centric Initiative)
  • Service Class, SQC

At The Professionals Center, we look for outstanding candidates with relevant competencies, experience and backgrounds to help us solve our clients' most pressing business issues. It is a challenging environment that requires work on complex issues that often have no easy answers. But it is also a distinctive nurturing environment for people to learn, experiment, and grow – in their career and in their personal lives.

Successful Candidates can look forward to a rewarding career with us, and we are pleased to offer Flexible Work Arrangements to our staff as part of our Commitment to ensure that our people have good Work Life Balance.