Employer Quick Look
The Golden Duck Co.

The Golden Duck Company (TGD) was founded in 2015 by three
guys with dreams as big as their appetites for good food, and the aim to take
gourmet snacks one step further in the Asian heritage flavour space.

Fast-forward. Today, TGD is Singapore’s number one purveyor
of fine heritage snacks. Always pushing flavour boundaries, our range of unique
Asian heritage snacks are based on taste-profiles usually found on Chinese
banquet tables in the finest kitchens across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and
Taiwan – arguably some of the world’s toughest cuisines to perfect.

Proudly based in Singapore, we love snacks. And when it
comes to our own, we get too serious for our own good. Each pack of crisps that
comes out of our magical kitchens has been crafted by experienced hands, under
the masterful eyes of our artisan chefs, using only the finest ingredients
available in the market. We believe in tip-top quality, and you’ll see what we
mean once you tear open a delicious pack of TGD. Expect only the finest
ingredients in our line of gourmet snacks and products. Dig in, and have a
taste of true Singaporean culture.