Employer Quick Look
Temp-Team Pte Ltd
Temp-Team Pte Ltd

After 36 years in the recruitment market, TEMP-TEAM is still one of the leading players. 
This has been earned through our local knowledge and personal service.

When expanding, we take great care to maintain a close service to candidates and clients through 
our small, local branch offices. TEMP-TEAM is today a quality driven organisation with a strong local presence and the resources of a larger group. In a job market that is moving faster than ever, 
TEMP-TEAM is ready to help.

We focus on people

At TEMP-TEAM, we value the needs of the individual. We work hard for our clients, we respect the interests of our candidates and strive to do our best for them. We value our staff and the enthusiasm and skills that they bring to our team. TEMP-TEAM is committed to equality & diversity and the inclusion of all individuals.

Our company culture

TEMP-TEAM has a good employee turnover. We offer excellent opportunities for progression, an open door policy at all levels and a very flat management structure. We work hard to find fantastic people, and even harder to keep them with us. Our employees are dedicated, and we see ourselves as a family. This is the basis for our success.

Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Cope

“What has brought us to where we are today, is a desire shaped by a strong will and a determination to continuously improve ourselves,” shares Ms Goh. 

TEMP-TEAM employs a three-way approach to ensure that we find the right staff for their clients. Careful selection is made based on personal interviews, checking of references and consideration of their client's culture to ensure that selected candidates best fit into their organisation.

“Our way of working involves establishing partnerships not only with HR practitioners but also with hiring managers in our client organisations so that we are able to understand the full scope of the role for which we are engaged in,” says Ms Goh.

Significant strides that attributed to our success is our ability to work closely with customers and understand their requirements in order to deliver a service which exceeds industry standards.