Employer Quick Look
Syspex Technologies Pte Ltd
At Syspex, we believe businesses don't need to be evil to be successful or profitable. We use our wisdom to develop and run a positive business which is highly efficient and productive. We like to call our business the "Helping" and Green Business; we believe in the positive effect of Helping, Happiness, Honesty and being Healthy. With the 4Hs, we continuously learn how to expand our circle of influence, from internal to external, from an inside-out perspective, to bring value to our people and customers.

Our vision
To be the most efficient distributor of packaging and warehousing supplies in South-East Asia, so as to achieve financial success with care for our people and environment.

Our Mission
To reduce our customers’ total supply chain costs by providing the most effective packaging and warehousing solutions.

Why join us?
We pledge to practice and advocate "good, and not evil" in everything that we do. We are committed to make the world a better place by helping and caring for other people and our environment.

Our commitment to Customers

Prided to be our customers’ most trustworthy partner in supplying quality products and value services, with no gimmicks.

Our commitment to Suppliers

Committed to build mutually beneficial working relationships with our suppliers, practicing integrity and openness at all times.

Our commitment to Employees

Promised to uphold an honest working culture, always providing love and care to our employees.

Our commitment to Environment

Pledged to protect Mother Nature by providing environmentally friendly products and solutions, and eliminating wastage.