Employer Quick Look
Starwellness Pte Ltd
In 2013, StarWellness Pte Ltd was established to empower consumers with holistic wellness and cater to their needs for healthy living options. Founded by Mr Patrick Lim, StarWellness is one of the pioneer manufacturers of Alkaline Water Ionizers in Singapore.Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and expertise, StarWellness Alkaline Water Ionizers are assembled in Singapore. Hence, we pride ourselves on product quality assurance and control. In 2014, StarWellness Star 5 Alkaline Water Ionizer was also awarded the Singapore Good Design Award by Design Business Chamber Singapore.

Since then, StarWellness has then expanded our offerings to include a range of quality products and services that allow people to enhance their wellness every day. This comprises of Air ionizers, Alkaline Water Ionizer Systems, Essential oils, Diffusers, Shower Filters, Crystal Glass Water Pitchers and various nutritional products (Eg. Enzyme drink).
As people’s needs grow, StarWellness continuously strives to embed quality into their daily essentials and aid them in improving everyday moments in small, simple steps.

StarWellness will deliver quality health and wellness solutions that enhance basic needs and can be easily incorporated into each person’s daily routine. We empower people to become better versions of themselves through our passion for life.

We are dedicated to a future where families live increasingly healthier and more meaningful lifestyles with better solutions for basic needs.