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Based in Geneva (HQ), Singapore and Bangalore, operating in more than 30 countries, PSiDEO provides a wide range of premium outsourced IT services to global customers, as well as the technical expertise and reliability of a software publisher.

Our core activities are the strength of our company:

  1. Delivering IT as a Service by providing an all-in-one package that includes hardware, software and IT services at a fixed price per user per month: NGIT-Managed Services.
  2. Managing IT infrastructures at the cutting edge of technology: Adaptive Outsourcing: Audit, consulting, design, implementation, maintenance, training, strategic outsourcing of IT operations (including IT department management roles).
  3. Using cutting-edge technologies in order to innovate while ensuring high availability and performance
  4. Most of the IT solutions are centralized and distributed to all customers by following the most successful principles of industrialization and automation.