Employer Quick Look
Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd
Driven by ideals beyond business, our pioneers championed client’s interest by founding the first independent life insurance brokerage in Singapore in 1991.Upholding the non-negotiable principles of independence and varied choices for clients, Promiseland became the forerunner for the Independent Financial Adviser…

Founded in 1986, PromiseLand became Singapore's first independent life insurance broker in 1991 bringing clients choice of products from, not one, but the majority of the life insurance companies. From being a pioneer, we progressed to become the champion for independent financial planning and advice - providing our valued clients with objective advice and wide choices for their financial needs.

Why join us?
Our company’s strong appeal springs from our model of being INDEPENDENT and business specialists.

Our strong track record for professionalism and being a pioneer and leader in business also lends a lot of prestige to our advisers, planners and brokers.
Our commitment to INDEPENDENCE requires of us a much higher standard of being “fair and objective” in our advice and product solutions compared to the lower standard of “reasonable basis” advice required of Exempt Financial Advisers (life insurance companies, stockbrokers and insurance brokers).

Non-independent FA firms and Exempt FA firms are not required to source for the best product solutions from at least FOUR product providers. We are INDEPENDENT Financial Advisers.