Employer Quick Look
Perceptum Education
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Who We Are

More than just being former Department Heads, ex-school teachers, authors… we would rather think of ourselves as passionate and effective teachers who know how to design lessons to help our pupils achieve mastery.


What We Teach
Mathematics and Science for Primary 3 to Secondary 4 pupils.


Our Teaching Statement

Our classroom will have a vibrant, positive learning environment. The classroom is a unique unit where the teacher and pupils interact for the purpose of teaching and learning to take place. This unit can succeed only if there is harmony within the community. Therefore, the physical environment and the psychological security of our pupils must not be compromised. They must feel that the classroom atmosphere is one that is welcoming, warm and inspiring for learning. This can be done by preparing a conducive classroom arrangement, improving the range of learning resources available, making sure that pupils are free to express their views without being ridiculed and by showing our pupils that we truly respect, care and love them.


We will teach for critical thinking rather than just to transfer facts. The goals of learning have undergone a paradigm shift to that which reflects the needs of a knowledge-based economy. The importance of fostering thinking skills or ‘knowing why’ is a pre-requisite to ‘other discoveries, new applications and further refinements’. Hence, our role is to encourage independent, creative and lateral thinking by being facilitators rather than dispensers of information, encouraging pupils not to be fearful of making mistakes, modelling out thought processes, cultivating a thinking mindset by teaching in creative and innovative ways, encouraging brain storming, being receptive to divergent answers and assigning problem-based assignments.  


We will help our pupils to acquire life-long learning skills by adopting pupil-centred learning – where pupils’ individual needs are met and they are engaged actively in the learning processes. By doing so, we hope that our pupils will have clear learning goals, a large repertoire of learning strategies, being able to use available resources effectively and taking responsibility for their own learning. These benefits can be reaped by our use of pupil-centered approaches in the classroom, such as project work and group discussions.


Finally, we will encourage moral and character development in our teaching. This is because education is more than about academic ability; rather it is also about the individual’s progress as a human being. Therefore, we will teach students a specific process to follow when making decisions and they will learn how to develop their own views about moral issues.


Why Join Us?

The biggest reason to join Perceptum Education has to be the chance to be part of a team that makes a difference to young learners. We want to be the best company to work for, because we want you to stay with us. We treat each person as a uniquely talented individual, and we provide competitive benefits, personal development and opportunities to suit you and your needs.