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Munch Saladsmith Pte Ltd

MUNCH Saladsmith is the sweetest little Salad Bar and Rotisserie
serving up a smorgasbord of salads alongside nice bits of roast chicken, salmon
and dory fillet. We've got delicious coffees and deserts, rosti, eggs, bagels,
toast and sandwiches for that great perk me up in the morning.

Visit: www.munch.sg

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MUNCH started as a
humble little sandwich shop in Robinson Road quite a number of years ago on
September 2005. We thought that slapping stuff between two thin slices of bread
can't be wrong, and slathering on loads of butter will take us a long, long
way. We couldn't be further away from the truth.

Today, MUNCH is premised upon fresh, healthy and absolutely
delicious food. The moment we started selling salads you guys just kept pouring
through the door. And you never stopped coming. If the food scene is any sort of
democracy, we have gotten a resounding vote of confidence - you have voted with
your feet, and you are beating a straight path to MUNCH and wholesome

The MUNCH today made it this far because of you, the customer. You
recognized what was good in us, and what was good for yourselves and you made
us your own. If today we slave over a hot stove or painstakingly julienne every
little strand of green papaya that goes into our delightful Thai salad, you
know we do it because of you, because good food and great taste comes from the
heart and it's exactly the sort of thing that's most difficult to replicate. We
will never give our customer anything we don't take for ourselves, that's how
much we care. 

And we'll keep on imagining. Imagining a world where MUNCH can
serve its delectable and wonderful food everywhere. Where everyone can partake
of a meal without feeling too guilty or counting the calories, because we made
it fresh and low fat to boot. And we'll always spring a surprise or two now and
then, to keep you excited and wanting more, because we love to see the look of
anticipation in your eyes everytime you step through our doors.

With such a powerful business model, we have grown and are
currently expanding both locally and overseas.

So join us if you are looking at a lively and young working