Employer Quick Look

You’re passionate about teaching. You lie awake at night and ask if learning is more than just quadratic equations and Sine Curves. Could those curves be seen on the back of a whale? You can explain things simply; what exactly is the benefit of the doubt? You’ll need to be nice, and a decent person to have a cup of tea with. Nothing too fancy, maybe an Alphonso mango infused earl grey.
We’ll want you to think big, we’ll want you to think small and sometimes we’ll want you to just do it.  To inspire students, to show them that exams aren’t that dark and mysterious.  We’ll partner you up with a top notch management and support team who shares your passion for teaching and will have your back for any curved balls that come our way.

You’ll find that as a company, we try harder. For both our team members and our customers. Oh, and we pay pretty well so you’ll definitely be getting your daily bread.

We realize that good things come to those who wait but please get in touch as soon as you can because we’re excited to have you on the team!