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MindChamps Preschool @ Bishan Pte Ltd
MindChamps Preschool @ Bishan Pte Ltd
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At MindChamps, we believe that every child deserves our time and attention. Having a great curriculum is only as good as the trainers and teachers who deliver it. We believe that “when we stop learning, we stop teaching.”

Our trainers and teachers undergo extensive training to embody and impart our revolutionary concept of the 3 Minds (the Champion Mind, Learning Mind and Creative Mind) and the ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’™ Curriculum. Thereafter, they go through accreditation to ensure that they are fully equipped to nurture our young Champs. Our dedicated Champion trainers and teachers are passionate about teaching, and care deeply about nurturing children, and preparing them to be champion learners of the future. This is why MindChamps trainers and teachers are outstanding professionals.

Our PreSchool teachers receive up to 200 hours of extensive training and accreditation at MindChamps, regardless of their early childhood qualifications, to ensure that your child’s mind is nurtured by the most qualified and dedicated teachers.

To lift the industry standards and share our experience, MindChamps also set up a PreSchool Teachers’ training institute, Champion Mindset Academy, to teach the craft and nurture exemplary early childhood professionals.