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Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd
Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd

Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Menicon Co. Ltd in Japan, and was established on 1st June 2007.  Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd is Menicon’s first contact lens manufacturing facility outside Japan. It produces daily disposable contact lenses, and is also the base for developing technologies and products with advanced, value-added features.
Menicon's goal is to deliver safe contact lenses worldwide, placing the highest priority on the eye health of our customers.Menicon is the only manufacturer in the world that is dedicated to all areas of contact lenses-related business including material development, lens designing and manufacturing of contact lenses and care solutions.
Corporate Slogan
From the time we open our eyes in the morning until we fall asleep at night.
we use our eyes to see the world.
We create, we learn, we find new friends.
We take vision for granted.
but it enriches every day of our lives.
Here at Menicon, we contribute to daily living by providing superior visual correction:
Working to bring each and every person the joy of sight.
Corporate Principles
Contributing to society by providing superior visual correction
Earning customer trust by anticipating and creating market needs.
Realizing abundance and joy as a corporation of human respect through innovation.
The dream that we want to achieve
  • To be the number one, the paramount enterprise respected and loved by all stakeholders.
The enterprise we want to be
  • To use our technology and human resources developed through contact lenses to continue to provide the world with products and services needed by society as a creative specialist company.
Why join us?
  • Attractive salaries that commensurate with work experience.
  • We have a creative and innovative corporate culture that helps our employees thrive - we work hard and play hard!
  • We encourage adaptability to our company's learning culture to improve and enhance our employees in work & personal life.
  • You will see huge opportunities for career growth due to the the dynamic environment that the company is in

We welcome dedicated and committed individuals who thrive on challenges and who dare to dream, to join our expanding team today!

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